Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Scoop on Shadow...

But first...
to all flower lovers everywhere...

I do so love bougainvilleas

we were given a bougainvillea plant with lots of double blooms...

and I took advantage of the blooms my husband pruned off to replant the main stalks

putting them into a bunch of green bottles I found...
pinching them into a coconut planter

we also found a yellow bougainvillea that looked too pretty to pass up, at the nursery

amazing how the bright, vivid colors bring pizzaz to a very green cottage compound

as for Shadow Boy...
his big day was to the veterinary clinic for a neutering party

his "other" kind of partying is done
no more chasing the females in the neighborhood...

the brown dog below had his puppies the same day he was neutered this week
I was so afraid the pups would be too large for her to give birth safely...
but, she came through with flying colors

and so did Shadow with his day at the clinic...
it's all such a relief : )

yeah, Shadow, you're sweet...
let's keep it that way

May the Lord bless your day or night with His grace.


  1. Congratulations on the new puppies and on Shadows trip to the vet...He will be a happy, sweet boy! - As soon as our Jack dog mentioned getting 'married' we made an appiontment for a 'party' at the vets too and Jack has been a happy, sweet boy ever since! xo

  2. I bet Shadow thinks you are quite the party popper! He probably will forgive you since he looks like a sweet and handsome boy! Glad the new process is easier.----- Shannon

  3. Shadow has a sweet face. Our newest pet will face this soon. I hope this easier fix is available here.

  4. He is so very handsome! Glad the party went well. I've never even heard of that type of flower. They are beautiful!

  5. What a handsome dog...your post made me smile. Beautiful flowers as well.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I guess I need to make sure the food we eat is as organic as possible considering the price we have to pay. I think there is also a number on the packages that are "true" organic"...but not sure. Will have to research that as well.

    Have a blessed day.