Thursday, May 10, 2012

Outside my Bedroom Window...

Behind my potting table is a carpet of ground cover with tiny flowers...
I love it
the tiny leaf plant may be considered a weed...
but, it's staying

when the grass is cut...
we don't throw the cuttings away

they get put into the chicken coop, the hens' boxes...
and in potted plants as mulch to keep in moisture keeping down the need for watering

the rest goes over the garden rows that grow our vegetables

the dry banana and plantain leaves don't go to waste, either

most are kept down on the ground around the plants to compost and keep the ground moist

some are chopped and used to mulch and keep in moisture for my potted vegetable greens...
and as a slow burner and giving lots of smoke...
used in the smoker when my husband goes to the beehives

have you ever smelled smoking (burning) dry banana leaves?
the fragrance is so good!

and just outside my bedroom window at eye level and only about 4 feet from the window...
sits a sweet mockingbird in her nest in a bunch of plantains in the tree

the photo was taken from the window with a screen...
but, I think it gives the photo a bit of dreamy look to it

May your day, or night be sweet by God's grace.


  1. What a view you have outside of your bedroom window!
    No, I've never smelled banana leaves burning.

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and a Happy Mother's Day!

  2. I always love coming here to see your sweet animals and see your pretty surroundings. I even learn something quite often. I can only imagine how aromatic the smoking banana leaves must smell. I have missed several posts so I went back and got caught up. I enjoyed the post before this one, too. The pictures of the rose were beautiful and the animals of course were fun to see. ----------------Shannon

  3. I can't smell smoking anything. No smoke for me but I bet it does smell good. The pipe tobacco in Turkey smelled fabulous but still flared up my asthma. Your such an awesome gardener. I wish you could come and help me get caught up for about a week.

    I loved the pictures as always. You are so sweet and relaxed living there agrees with you.

  4. that is a very sweet and dreamy picture of the lovely mocking bird!

    thanks for sharing about the grass clippings and the banana leaves, as I am beginning my own compost pile for the first time. I know yours weren't used exactly for composting -but it reminded me of mine. The clippings can be used for much other than to be put in a garbage pail for the garbage man :) I'm enjoying and feeling good about the recycle of nature's best!


  5. You have me intrigued with the smell of banana leaves!