Friday, May 11, 2012

Pining for Pineapple...

This is a tropical fruit in the true sense...
needing a warm climate to grow and thrive in

when one of our neighbors came around with some pineapples...
he left the suckers on and we took full advantage of them...
planting them here and there on the farm

in just several months, this is what we have...
gorgeous, sweet, juicy, luscious pineapples

because we are growing them on our farm...
we are able to let them ripen on the plant

that is the best way to get a good tasting pineapple

and to tell whether it is truly ripe is to sniff it...
if you can smell the pineapple, it is good to go

I couldn't wait to harvest this one...
with gloves, of course, to avoid the prickly leaves...
leaving behind a few of the suckers that will grow into more pineapples

and taking a few along with the fruit

the pineapple plant is a bromeliad...
full of manganese, vitamins C, B1 & B6, copper, magnesium, dietary fiber...
and proteolytic enzymes, which aid in digestion and lessen arthritic pain

it has anti-inflammatory properties, and discourages plaque growth in the mouth

for those watching their sugar levels...
it is low on the glycemic index at 46-51

this pineapple did not disappoint...
it was simply delicious!

so what are we doing with all the suckers?

planting them for more pineapples...
including the top part

the good Lord does know how to give good things

here's to all pineapple lovers everywhere!

May the Lord bless your day, or night with His grace.


  1. I love our Michigan seasons even the winters, but some of your posts make me want to move to a warmer climate! I LOVE pineapple. How much fun. You are taking home gardening to a new level for those of us in the north.

  2. What a joy to be able to have your pineapple right there on your property. - Such a wealth of information in your post today, thank you, I will put it to good use. xo

  3. We love pineapple too! Hmmm, wish we had a greenhouse, I'd grow as many as possible if that would work. I'm always so thankful for the nutritional information you include, that's always a blessing to learn!
    And also, thank you as well, for your kind comments and taking time to stop by. You're a very good blog friend!!!

  4. DELICIOUS!!!!!! love them:)
    and love that last photo too!

  5. pineapple..looks so great to just go out and pick one

  6. I LOVE PINEAPPLE!!!!! OH JOY a fruit that sweet low on the glycemic index. I just assume that anything that delicious is full of sugar. I wonder if we could grow them. It's hot and humid here until October.

  7. I love fresh tropical pineapples - they taste like Summer!


  8. I bet that was delicious! One of my favourite fruits. I love the shape of ours. Not the uniform oblong ones we see in our grocery stores!