Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Honey Bees for Me...

When I see the honey bees in the garden...

and in the fields among the wild flowers...

I know there will be honey coming soon

this too, is a blessing from the Lord

May your day or night be graced by the Lord.


  1. You capture God's beauty so wonderfully! Hope your day is filled with blessings my friend!
    Hugs from my farm to yours.

  2. Hi Jean, what beautiful photography. Your photos are always very special no matter the subject. Hope your bees make lots of delicious honey for you to collect. Check out my Paws and Claws guest feature each Friday. Maybe you would consider doing a feature post sometime showing some of your Pilgram's Farm animals. Just let me know if and when you want to be featured. Take care! ----------- Shannon

  3. Yes, what a sweet wonderful blessing from our Lord.