Friday, September 21, 2012

Hiding It...

Look closely...
and you'll see what I'm hiding
it's big, black and holds over 400 gallons of water

a rain barrel that catches the water for our garden...
and sits comfortably at the corner behind the cottage

it holds no real appeal to the eye...
just precious water for my kitchen crops

I planted a purple trumpet vine almost a year ago

and it grew like a weed

covering the top of my potting area net covering

and has made it's way towards the rain barrel...
reaching out with it's tendrils, grasping the top and sides

and is now starting to give the barrel a pretty covering

so I'm not reminded always that the big tank is there

this vine flowers often

and now I don't mind the tank so much because...
these blooms have flower power

May the Lord bloom your day or night with His grace.


  1. Great flower photos! Our flowers are mostly dead from the frosts.

  2. What a wonderful idea. I really don't know why we aren't encouraged to catch our rain here and use it to water the gardens. When we redid our back porch, we found an old cistern underground. It had unfortunately been filled in with debris. Don't know way we no longer use things like that. It would have been great to have some extra water this dry summer.You do a lovely camouflage.

  3. We also catch water, but not quite that much~ it would be nice to have 400 gallons of it! :)
    Your flowers are so pretty, Jean...

  4. does the leaves of that plant smell like garlic?