Friday, October 5, 2012

Gardening Chit Chat...

While the new kitchen garden is not completely finished...

I go ahead and transplant my edibles

while the mussaenda shrub, aka Bangkok Rose, in all it's white and green loveliness...

cascades it's sepal blooms over the garden and brightens my corner of the yard

dropping sparkles of rain jewels from the early morning's shower

the tomato plants put into the ground a few days ago are coming up quickly

and to the left is a young stevia plant newly potted

the Lord has grown this unexpected cucumber vine among the tomatoes...
and perhaps, by His grace, we will have more cukes for any time we want a delicious crunch

in the big garden...
I planted more pineapple crowns from our recent harvests

we are still harvesting pineapples and just keep planting those crowns as we eat the fruit...
and we shall see if the Lord blesses us with more pineapples in the next year

and I am trying to figure out just which we are raising here...

chickens or doves?

the doves seem to think they are entitled to any food thrown down to the chickens

what do you think, Shadow?

is it chickens or doves we are raising?

and to that, Shadow says...
"don't look at me...I couldn't tell you"

May your day or night be filled with the Lord's blessings.


  1. I'm so excited with gardening in my own backyard! This is my first year at growing some of our produce!!

    Your kitchen garden looks beautiful. I'm interested at how the stevia will grow. I am tempted to buy at little plant myself from the local farm store here. But I just don't know how to 'use' it. ... But, I do have liquid stevia -I've used it my cup of coffee this morning. Only a tiny drop will do ya'!

    So the chickens and the doves are friends, eh?

    Blessings & Joy!!

  2. Oh my what a delicious looking garden! I, too, have many doves that visit my bird feeder. Of course, I don't mind. All of God's creatures are welcome. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great pictures. I love Shadow!!


  4. Nice garden! it seems weird to see bamboo fences!

  5. Looks like the doves are taking over! Shadow is a cutie...what breed is he/she? Your garden is looking good. I must get mine ready for my spring/summer vegetables.

    1. Julia, Shadow is a rottweiler mix. He came to us from out of nowhere as a starving stray. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  6. So nice to see all of that green in your photos!!!! Lovely!