Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Island Postcard...

Where the dogs love to go "beaching"

click photo for larger view

May the Lord bless your day or night with His grace.


  1. How beautiful Jean! I love the beach and the beautiful sound of the ocean as it rolls in. Each time we go to the beach...I love to just sit and listen to the waves. So much beauty and peace. The awesomeness of God's creation just overwhelms my heart with joy! Thank you as always for sharing your piece of His great creation!

  2. Are you purposefully trying to make us all commit the sins of envy and jealousy Jean? lol! What a lovely spot!
    Have a blessed Lord's day my friend.

    1. Ha-ha! I hope not!! Along with my brothers and sisters in Christ, I am looking forward to a more beautiful earth that we will live on for ever with our Saviour. This island and it's temporary (and sin tainted) beauty is nothing compared to what the Lord has in store for us! And, I can't wait to meet you, Diane!!