Monday, October 15, 2012

Lxora in Bloom...

Here in the tropics where the flowers always bloom...
our Ixora bushes are blooming

for a while, they bloomed one or two, here and there...
but, suddenly...
it seemed the bushes all had the same idea and...
 are now giving us plenty of red buds and blooms

this calls for pretty yellow butterflies to drink the nectar from the tiny flowers...
and help in their God given duty of pollinating the earth

this little yellow one is a bit tattered but...
beautiful just the same

May your day or night be filled with the beauty of God's grace.


  1. What beauty and peace in your pictures! Love it!

  2. We sometimes get the Ixora as potted flowers, they are so pretty, and colorful.

    Thanks for the coconut milk suggestion, I had run out, but am getting some more again.

    It does taste the best of all of them.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. They are so beautiful that they almost don't look real!

  4. Oh so pretty!! Thanks for sharing all the bright color ~Love Heather

  5. What beauty. I was just trimming the hedge of these yesterday
    at our country church after the hard shower. They bloom endlessly!

  6. Flowers look familiar, the butterfl does not.

  7. So lovely! The hues of the blooms are just gorgeous, what a treat for our eyes!