Monday, November 5, 2012

A Morning Chore...

In the early morning before the sun comes over the mountain...
the chickens call to me to come down and open their coop door

after I have obliged them, the coop gets a quick cleaning for the next evening roosting ritual
maybe the chickens don't care but, I like them to have a clean, healthy coop

every couple of weeks after the lawn has been mowed...

the ground flooring in the coop gets a clean rake up...
and all the old grass and chicken manure get put into the compost for the garden beds

our farm helper puts all the new grass cuttings in a pile and I fill the bucket up...
and take it into the coop to cover the floor and refill the nest boxes

fresh grass cutting smells awful nice and gives a good feeling to the coop, once again

the chickens usually come running when they see me throwing the grass to the floor...
after all, there just might be some protein goodies hiding in all that grass

it's a morning homestead chore the Lord has blessed me with, and I enjoy

May your day or night be eggs-cellent in the grace of the Lord.


  1. Sweet that your chickens are so well cared for. And they reward you in kind.

  2. I love morning chores the world still seems quiet and different somehow. The grass is wonderful the chicks must love it. Again so pretty and green we are really dry and brown here lol! I would love to see some grass like that hehe ~Loved the pictures. ~Heather

  3. Those sure are some lucky chickens!!!!
    I envy your lifestyle... rewarding indeed...
    With lots of hard work mixed in!!!
    Thanks for the visit...

    Linda :o)

  4. Enjoy your pictures. I chuckled over the chickens running when they see the grass... it is so like chickens, and I love the way they are. When I work in the garden mine love to come and dig/scratch with me. Lately they are having to stay in the coop and coop yard, because they have ventured too far and are making messes. We need more fencing. Have a great week.

  5. Those chickens are in good hands! A clean coop probably makes for healthier chickens and little chickies I would presume. Love your farm, all of your pics are such a treat! God bless you friend.

  6. Your chickens must be so happy!!
    I did miss that beautiful chicken picture on you header!
    I would love to have a picture of that for my new kitchen decor.
    Our chickens do not get to free range as our dogs what to hunt them, also we have owls and coyotes that like to snack:) They actually want to be in their fenced in area. It's like they know:) Blessings, Roxy
    You also have an eggs-ellent day!!

  7. Roxy, thank you for your nice compliment. I will put the chicken photo on my next post and you are free to download it onto a CD and get a printout of it or print it out yourself if you have a good printer. It's actually one of my favorite photos of my rooster.