Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sugar Apple, Instead...

Please accept my apologies on not bringing you, as promised...
the post on breadnuts today

the breadnut fruit was not ready to be picked this morning...
but, my husband says, "soon"
I need more photos to show you better about the fruit...
and the post will be coming

please bear with me, and today, I'll show you our sugar apple, aka sweetsop

our sugar apple tree has grown to about 10 feet and may grow bigger
they tend to grow to about 20 feet in warm climates

(I realize it's hard to see the tree with all the green - sorry about that)

already, though, our tree at less than two years from planting, has produced

the fruit in this photo is still green
the fruit grows with sections and when the fruit is ripe enough to pick...

the sections will be loose, as you can see in the photo below...
and the fruit will have a green yellow color
(unless it is the red colored variety)

the sections are easy to pull apart with the fingers...
which means, the hands are all that's needed to prepare the fruit for eating

full of nutrients, it is one fruit that has protein in it...
as well as high in vitamin C - 151%, which gives a whole day's worth of it
other nutrients are iron, B6, and fiber

inside each section of the fruit is a seed
this seed should not be eaten as it can make one sick
the seeds are easily taken out and I usually just pop them out with my fingers

the flesh is creamy, sweet and has a taste between a pear and coconut
it's a great fruit for using in smoothies and making ice-cream
we love eating it as is, best of all

if you live in a warm climate without freezes or cold snaps...
you could probably grow this tree
it grows relatively fast and will start producing within a year of planting
(a little longer if started from seed)

to find out more about the sugar apple, go to...

May your day or night be sweet in God's grace.


  1. Fascinating! I'm amused by you apologizing for too much green! Such an Eden you live in.

  2. I have this tree in our backyard, but not have eaten any fruit yet. I think we call it something different too...

  3. I never heard of a Sugar Apple before. It's not surprising as we only get about 5 frost free months a year. Would they grow as a houseplant with a mean temperature of 70F?

    1. Ian, although I couldn't say if the sugar apple tree can be grown inside, it would be interesting to try. I know some people have grown the tree in large pots and taken it inside during the cold weather. There may be more info on the net on it. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment!

  4. So interesting.
    How lucky you are to have such a wonderful growing season, and so many delicious things to grow!