Monday, November 19, 2012

For the Love of Goats...

We are goat lovers here on Pilgrim's Farm

and our milk doe, Farina, is close to giving us more kids

my husband is pampering her and she knows it 

and she always take full advantage of the situation

as for Curly, our burly ram...
he took full advantage of the situation when we weren't looking

and we now have two, possibly 3 does, with kids

yeah, you! Burly Curly...
you're the guilty one

but that's okay, it's what we've got you for

so we'll give you a little pampering, too

we know you like those scratches, Curly

what a good ram

May your day or night be blessed in the grace of God.


  1. Pilgrim's Farm is so beautiful:)

  2. You live in such a beautiful place. I love your goat! I have Tobagan goats on my blog today. :)

  3. Farina is very beautiful, Jean! Ans Curly sounds a little sneaky... *giggle*

  4. I love goats as well... I have a post I wrote about couple of years ago with the exact same title. How fun. Your goats are precious... very irresistible. Always enjoy the pictures.