Monday, January 14, 2013

Chick Delight...

I'd say, we have some of the broodiest brooders on earth
they do so like to keep churning them out
one of our newest comers to the farm
so far, every black chick has turned out to be a hen
more eggs, please : )

May your day or night be soft and gentle in God's grace.


  1. What a beautiful chick! She looks so soft. :o)

  2. My computer pooped out as I was trying to leave a comment. Hope it doesn't show up twice! Anyway, what a sweet chick. I always seem to end up with more rooster-babies than hens. :)

  3. Love the Bible verse. Your little chicks are so sweet! Had to have a "warm" escape here at your blog, it's 27* today, wind chill 14*. Brrr & now sleet ahead of the snow we're supposed to get soon. Running outside, checking on Boone's water, and playing catch with him to stay warm!haha

  4. Okay, I'm squealing again!! I never met a chick I didn't like... er, make that LOVE... :)