Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sorrel for Tea; Roses for Thee...

We sowed some sorrel (aka roselle hibiscus) seeds not long ago...
and the Lord grew them into wonderful edible plants for us

these hibiscus species with their high anti-oxidant properties are now being harvested as we need them
you can read a bit more about the sorrel hibiscus in this post
and the nutrient properties in this link

and our favorite way to use these gorgeous, waxy calyxes, is to steep them into tea

we love to steep cinnamon and cloves with the sorrel in good, hot water

and let the sorrel's cranberry/apple flavor sit for hours to draw out all that lovely taste and color
in the evenings at this time of year when the nights are cool...
we drink sorrel tea warm, and because it's a tart drink, we sweeten it with our raw honey

my rose bushes are blooming, and once they pass their prime...
I snip the blooms and bring them inside to enjoy before they lose all their beauty

our honeybees have been buzzing in and out of the roses...
and the chickens eat the petals that fall to the ground

the bunch I bring in, will sit in the kitchen, keeping me company as I work
and when kitchen work is completed...

the roses are placed where they can be noticed and not forgotten

and so, I share them with you for the moment, before they wither away forever

As for man, his days are as grass:
as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth.
Psalm 103:15

May your day or night be blooming in the fragrance of God's grace.


  1. Beautiful roses, Jean!

    I will have to read your links. I love how God has given us what we need for health in the plants He made! No wonder mankind only ate plants until after the fall....