Monday, January 7, 2013

Organic and Range-Fed...

We keep our cow and her calf out on the range that overlooks the sea

lots of food for the cows in a lot of space

it's a beautiful outlook from there and I always like to stop and just...well...look

our calf is growing fast and he has been fitted with his very own training rope

until he got used to it, he took my husband on some real "rides" down the road
he may be small, yet, but he packs a wallop of power in those young muscles

we have no real technicality to the way we milk
and we don't cut style with modern equipment

Ms. Ruthie Moo Moo just gets tied down for a bit...
just in case there is some head butting or back kicking

while her calf is brought to some other grazing for a few moments

a calf vying for the milk doesn't make for a good milking experience

husband cleans the udders with disinfectant

while Ms. Moo Moo gets busy with the banana bunch put down for her

she is not trying to pull away here...

she's just busy with enjoying her green bananas she loves so

she gladly lets her milk down for a bunch of bananas anytime

my husband has gotten quite good with the milking...
he prefers to use one hand and squirt the milk into a container that's been cut out on one side...
and then poured into the milk container

less dirt and such gets a chance to find their way into the milking container...
especially if Ms. Moo Moo happens to move

and no, I have not gotten around to milking the cow, myself, as yet
I prefer to milk the goat...
she's more my size

one side gets milked, then the other

once he's finished getting our share of the milk...
it's time to let the calf untied to get his share

and while she finishes up the last of the bananas, he's finishing up the rest of her milk

and we all live happily with everyone's share of raw, creamy milk

just another sweet blessing from the Lord who created all these things

May your day or night be delightful in the grace of God.


  1. I have never tried "raw" milk. It sure looks good! :)

  2. Now that's probably some good milk! Gimme a bowl of cereal!

  3. Oh yum look at all that raw milk!! Enjoy ~great pictures Love Heather

  4. Just love your pictures!

    Getting fresh milk is pretty great too; but I am green with envy over your view, and over all that lush green that you are blessed to enjoy every day.

    We will have nothing but cold, deep, wet snow until sometime in April.

    So, thanks again for sharing!

    Have a blessed day.

  5. Lovely! My father used to milk fresh creamy milk every morning when we were growing up. I love how the cream settles to the top. Best taste ever. Thank you!

  6. What beautiful pictures, describing the milking process. May father also kept one milk cow to provide us with fresh milk. I didn't appreciate all he did to keep us healthy! Thanks for sharing your daily life!

  7. Still looking for land, so we can experience this someday. How blessed to have such a generous Ruthie Moo Moo! Her calf is one good looking little fella'! You two are living the dream so many others hope to have. Keep on inspiring us!

  8. This was precious... and the thought of having fresh milk has my mouth watering!