Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Coffee Bean Picking...

It never ceases to amaze me to see the workings of the Lord

how He created the honeybees to do the work they do...
not just for our benefit...but also, for His glory

we are in the dry season here on this tropical island...
and even the bees are thirsty

so I make sure to keep water in the clay saucers scattered around the cottage compound...
for keeping little creatures hydrated

and as you can see in the photos...
they do drink water

because I don't want them to drown in the water should they fall in...
I keep just enough that the water does not reach the height of their wings
and although it means checking on the saucers for water every now and then...
it is a work I enjoy
our honeybees are well worth it and I'm grateful to the Lord for blessing us with them

meanwhile...I noticed that one of my coffee trees needed to be picked of the coffee beans

I also noticed that some small creature...
a bird perhaps? likes to eat the berry part
which is just fine because it is the bean part we are interested in

I love the pretty white flowers that come out on the coffee tree...
they remind me of stars with extra points on them
these are what turn into the berries as they dry up

in the photo below, you can see one flower that has dried and turning red
it will be a beautiful red berry before long

I think the berries are just as pretty as the blooms they grow from
and the bean will grow inside the berry

I picked all the red berries that were ready...
enjoying in the quiet peacefulness of the morning, the blessings of my Saviour...
wishing you were here so we could share it together

the berries will be set out to dry, then roasted and stored for our morning coffee
fresh ground coffee is so much nicer than instant, I must say
and I do understand that instant coffee often has more than coffee in it...
which makes me wonder if any time I've had instant...
as to why it has a "different" coffee taste to it
I'll let you look that up for yourself

these coffee trees on our farm are less than two years old and not very tall as yet...
and they give us fruit already
not a whole lot, but enough to make us a few cups
here's looking forward to more lovely coffee berries, should the Lord bless

my camera sort of "caught" a tiny hummingbird feeding off some of our blooms...
behind the cottage
imagine such an almighty God who thought to create such a very tiny bird!
and every tiny bird that falls does not do so without my heavenly Father
how precious!

O Lord God, thou hast begun to show thy servant thy greatness,
and thy mighty hand:
for what God is there in heaven or in earth,
that can do according to thy works,
and according to thy might?
Deuteronomy 2:34

May your day or night be graced by God's mighty works.


  1. Beautiful photos!
    I really appreciate the tiny creatures that the Lord has made too! What a testimony to His abundant care!
    So, I'm kinda ignorant about coffee beans...when you said that a small critter was nibbling the berry part, is the bean part inside the berry part? I didn't see two different things on the tree...
    Hope you have a glorious day!

    1. Whatever eats the berry, eats the outer part. The bean is inside the middle of the berry. If you look for them in photo 3 towards the left bottom, you might see some berries that were bitten into. The bean is exposed from the inside. Thanks Kerin! for coming by.

  2. A friend of mine went to Jamaica and brought back some raw coffee beans from the Blue Mountains. I put them in a frying pan and kept stirring and stirring. As soon as I thought nothing was going to happen, they all turned nice and brown and those beans made the best coffee I ever had.
    I wish we had hummingbirds.

  3. I have never seen growing coffee.....what a paradise you live in.....eden II