Thursday, March 28, 2013

Get Smart...

Sometimes...we can get a wee bit smarter from the ideas of others

when I noticed that the water in the clay saucers were evaporating a little too quickly...

and although I didn't mind making the rounds to fill the saucers with water...
too often, the bees were left with empty water stations

I went on the internet to see if an idea would pop up for making one's own self watering station

lots of people had this idea and they made me a wee bit smarter
so I took an empty can...
cut a small opening at the top of the can 
(you can see it along the bottom in the photo below)
and filled it with water...
put the saucer over the opening...
and tipped it over so that the water flows out the hole in the bottom into the saucer
the water will stop flowing once it reaches the top of the hole

it works quite nice, thus far
and I don't have to make so many trips out to fill the saucers...
and the bees can have their fill of water

and I don't care that it isn't fancy
neither do the honeybees, and every other small creature that comes along

I needed a trough for my chickens' mash...
and asked my husband to cut me a long stalk of bamboo about 8 inches in diameter...
and about 6 feet long
he then sliced the bamboo into two halves

now, I have two troughs to feed my chickens their mash without it getting scattered everywhere
the curve of the bamboo half keeps the mash in...
and my chickens can line up to eat without getting in each others' way

it works quite nicely, too...
and I didn't have to pay any monies for it
this, too, is not fancy...
but the chickens don't care
in fact, the curve helps them pick up the mash a bit easier...
especially for the rescue hens with burned off beaks from their former life

my husband enjoys giving the goats treats by hand
we have some of the tamest goats around...
even though we keep them out in the wild

we've been asked how we tame them so

we say, it isn't so very hard

all it takes is...
enough of our company...hand-fed treats...and tender care
something a bit foreign to many of the locals here on this island
they think we are a little strange for it
no matter...
one gets back what they put into it

mama Dottie: "come, little're lagging behind"

little puffball: "coming, mama!"

mama Dottie: "don't forget to watch for those bad hawks"

little puffball: "what's a bad hawk, mama?"

May your day or night be blessed in God's grace.


  1. Clever. Fun!
    Have a great day, Jean.
    Grace and Peace,

  2. I especially like seeing the bees all lined up. The chickens look good lined up too but the bees do it for me.

    Haw haww! You speak chicken! You know exactly what they're saying!

  3. Such great pictures! Your bee waterer is much like our chicken waterer. Such a great little gadget!

  4. I love your chicken trough! What a great idea. And I love that you are so kind to your animals. You're right--you really do get back what you put into it. Your pictures are terrific as usual!

  5. Happy Easter Jean!
    Blessings to you and your Hubby! I use to keep bees till the drought lost our hives twice. We always would put a small piece of wood in the bird bath or buckets, so the bees would not drown. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Resurrection Day dear friend.

  6. I love your solutions... the waterer for the bees is wonderful, and the feeding trough for the chickens is lovely; I think it is very pretty.
    It is interesting how each place has a cultural idea of animals and the way we should be toward them. I love that your goats are so tame... we have always loved our goats and enjoyed their company. How could you fail to love on them or befriend them. I have a picture of the Garden of Eden that way. I can just picture Adam and Even enjoying the friendship and companionship of all the animals. Love your pictures. Love Mama and baby chickens. Be blessed as we remember our Lord's Resurrection.


  7. What a great idea for repurposing bamboo! I have some lengths I would like to use for the garden, supports for a hot house.

    I didn't realise bees drink...but of course they do! That's probabky why I find so many in our swimming pool...sometimes I get to them in time to lift them out, sometimes I don't :0(

    1. Hello Julia! Thanks for stopping by. Maybe if you put a couple of shallow containers/saucers with about a 1/4 inch of water, the bees will find them and avoid the pool. The first bees to find the safer water will signal to the others where the safer water is and stick with it as long as water is kept in them. A small drip waterer for chicks works well, too.

  8. Hello Jean,
    I always enjoy popping into your little blog. so calming to my spirit.
    Wishing you a very happy Easter. He is risen!

  9. Hi Jean! So nice to hear in your comment about your Jackie! We lost our lab at an old age maybe twenty years ago, and I think of him too. My husband & I enjoyed seeing your bees lined up to drink. My son is a beekeeper in Washington State. I like keeping a water source for the birds and the bees! We're in drought in New Mexico. Seems it's always the dry season! I got caught up a little on your beautiful farm life. We need to try your tomato water system too!

  10. So sweet. Such lovely pictures, and stories to go with them. Sorry I haven't been by in awhile. I hope to be back blogging soon. Life has been taking twists and turns and I've been trying to keep up. So good to come by and see your beautiful posts!!! Take care and may our God continue to bless your beautiful homestead!