Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Farm Postcard...

Where freshly cut bacano leaves serve as daily treats for the goats

May your day or night find grace in the Lord's blessings.


  1. So nice to know your goats are love.

  2. Happy Easter Jean!
    Chirst is risen from the dead.
    :) Deanna
    ~cute post card.

  3. Are these the leaves that when dry curl up like a fist? I didn't know the animals would eat them...Here in the Dom. Republic it seems folk don't take advantage of what is at hand! They do make wreaths or such sometimes from these dried leaves.

    I thoroughly enjoy your posts and will miss them. May the Lord give you a good month!

    1. Hi Marilyn! Yes, those are the leaves. They curl so beautifully and I do plan on posting about them in May. Thanks for coming by and your comment!

  4. I have the cutest picture stored away somewhere of a little fellow walking in the rain in only shorts and using one of these leaves as an umbrella!

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