Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Tiny Speck of God's Glory...

When I first started to blog with "thecottageonpilgrimsfarm"...
my intention was to bring a life on a tropical farm on a small island...
as a vehicle of sorts to show a tiny speck of God's glory in His creation

whenever I look around me...

I cannot but help seeing the hand of God

how He grows our food for us in the most beautiful ways...

how even a dying leaf shows our God's greatness in His work...

the colors He brings into our lives...

down to the tiniest creatures we barely notice

His wonderful details in every part of nature...

we can often overlook when we don't come close enough

My God is a marvelous God...
who sits on His throne as King...
sovereign over every bit of the seen and the unseen...

In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne,
high and lifted up,
and His train filled the temple.
Above it stood the seraphims:
each one had six wings;
with twain He covered His face,
and with twain He covered His feet,
and with twain He did fly.
And one cried unto another, and said,
Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of hosts:
the whole earth is full of His glory.
Isaiah 6:1-3

May your day or night be filled with God's wonderful grace.


  1. This is a beautiful uplifting and encouraging post.

    Thank you ~ FlowerLady

    1. I'm glad for your comment, FlowerLady.

  2. I agree with FlowerLady . . .just beautiful ~ and your photos have such a soft, tranquil touch to them.

  3. This was wonderful, Jean. Your pictures are just beautiful and they DO show HIS work in great detail. I'm amazed at all the little things I see sometimes that I never noticed before and think~ "How did I miss that?" ((HUGS))

    1. Thank you, Paula! Even in the tiny details, the Lord's majesty shows.

  4. Jean,

    Thank you for sharing the Beauty of God's creation with us! These are stunning photos and I am thankful to see what beauties you have where you live...


  5. Thanks for sharing your tranquil surroundings with the rest of us...Missed you in these last weeks. Will be looking forward
    to more good posts!

    1. It's nice to be missed :) Thanks, Marilyn!

  6. Hi Jean, You blog is always soothing to the eyes and the soul. It connects me with the spiritual aspects of everyday life which we generally miss upon. Recently I was going through extracts from a book in which the author says that the mantra to live a spiritually healthy life is to be "Calmly Active & Actively Calm".

    It also says..

    "Success It is not how much money you have earned but whether you are feeling happy ; how we feel is what matters provided, of course, that we donot ignore others’ similar rights. If you are not happy, you are not successful ; and if you are happy, but you spread unhappiness to others, you are not successful either . Pray & make right effort for , in god’s eyes, every sincere effort is a success"

    How true..

    1. Thank you for your comment, Kaivi. Knowing I am a child of the Lord God is what makes me happiest. So many people try to find happiness in money and instead, it often pierces those who rush to it, with arrows of unhappiness.

  7. Such lovely photographs of God's creation! It is incredible to stop and take notice of the detail and splendor that our God placed in the many different things He created, very telling of just how marvelous He is!

    1. It's rather wonderful to see how creative and artistic our God is. Anything man can do, God can do so much better! So glad you came by, Mrs. C.