Thursday, May 16, 2013

When the Man is not Around...

a rare occurance here on Pilgrim's Farm...
is when my husband isn't around to take care of the manly things

so, when one of the plantain trees fell over on the cottage compound fence...
and my husband had duties elsewhere for the day...

I assessed the situation and knew my wimpy woman muscles would come into play

with the tree bringing the fence down to the ground...
and the tree acting as a possible bridge to goatville on the other side...

and my dog, Shadow, with a penchant for chasing goats in a not so playful way...

"who? me?!"

but, who is otherwise great with the chickens...
"you good doggie, you"

well, this couldn't wait for my man to come home to

I did notice a bunch of plantains fell with the tree

grabbing my machete...

I went to the other side of the fence...

and what would have taken my husband to do with about 3 whacks...
took me about 50 whacks

and being careful not to whack the irrigation line to the orchard trees in the process

the plantains are still young but, edible...
and in my next week's post, I'll show you how we eat them green

the job wasn't done after the tree cutting...

the fence had to be pulled back up and that was harder than I first thought

it took some pulling and yanking and by the time I had it back up all the way...
the sweat was running into my eyes

but, there you have it...
a pause in enjoying a mission accomplished
the goats are safer and Shadow is safer

speaking of accomplishment...

After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished,
that the scripture might be fulfilled,
said, I thirst.

And he that saw it bare record,
and his record is true:
and he knoweth that he saith true,
that ye might believe.
For these things were done,
that the scripture should be fulfilled,
A bone of him shall not be broken.
John 19:28,35,36

Jesus Christ's mission when He died on the cross was accomplished in the saving of His people.

May your day or night be accomplished in the grace of God.


  1. That picture of Shadow and the chicken is absolutely adorable.

    I say it all the time - your life there on Pilgrim's Farm seems magical . . . even the hard work!

    1. It sure helps when the animals get along : )

  2. I took you for more of a chainsaw cutee than a machette mamma!

  3. Good for you!

    It is challenging when these things happen but I'm glad you were able to deal with it!


    1. Aw, it wasn't so bad. lol I did get some exercise for the day.

  4. Way to go, where there's a will, there is a way, so the saying goes.

    Job well done.


  5. Great job! Looking forward to the post on preparing the plantains!
    Have a great day!

  6. You're a good woman to just step in and do what needed doing. Thank God for strong and faithful "helpmeets"... particularly in the garden.

  7. Good work!

    I really admire the way you put together your posts, how you always have the perfect picture to illustrate each piece of the story. Your photos are just delightful (the light is so magical). And your animals seem so sweet. I especially love the picture of Shadow relaxing with his chicken friend.