Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Songs in the Air...and honey....

The rains have come...
and with it, a flurry of activities from the songsters of the air

but really, little songster...
must you sit on my just washed laundry?
please leave the song behind, but don't forget to take your calling card with you

listen to the mockingbird, they say
these like to mimic the chirpings of Pilgrim's Farm's chickies

but oh! the sweet trills of this wee finch...
if only I could know his name

and who doesn't know the sociable, noisy starling
this one was just passing through and I never saw him again
the starlings on the island prefer the hubbub of people activity by the beaches and hotels...
lots of food around there

breadfruit on the tree was ready to pick

one with a picker...

one I could reach with my hand

under the tree was a most interesting fungus plant that I do not know...
growing from a piece of old branch cast down from the tree

up close and personal, it looked like something from the sea with a spongy moist flesh
I didn't touch, not knowing

and all those citrus blooms have been growing into fruit with a promise of sweet and tart edibles

can't go by the wild things in nature without noticing

they have their place, too

adding their little world of beauty

giving visual delight and fragrant sweetness

of course, Pip the roo, is trying his hen to woo

with some impressive wing flapping...
and a little dance...
Pip is giving it his best

the little hen is neither impressed nor interested

papayas are ready to pick and while these two will use a good two days of ripening, still

this one was good to go for breakfast

enzymes for good digestion

for awhile there, I thought my lemon grass plants would die on me...
the dry season took their toll and almost did them in
but, when the rains came...so did new leaves...
and now they're looking so much nicer; and greener

think we'll have enough mangoes to snack on?
the dry season is actually much kinder to mango blooms

too much rain will fell most of their flowers...
but, when it's dry, the flowers have a chance to develop into fruit...
and when the rains do come, will hurry on the fruits' development

always, there is the perpetual nesting activity going on...
and the small finches of this nest do love to put their homes in most peculiar places

so what was for breakfast?
what came off the farm; fresh eggs, papaya, boiled breadfruit with butter and seasalt...
and some local grown bacon
by the way, if you eat papaya, eat a few of the seeds...
great for enzymes and anti-parasitic
I always chew mine to get the benefits better

and here...the jar of Pilgrim's Farm raw honey promised for the drawing
the honeybees worked hard to make this honey...
and the Lord gave them the ability and stamina to turn the gathered nectar...
into a sweet, aromatic delight

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The Lord God said...
He hath made the earth by His power,
He hath established the world by His wisdom,
and hath stretched out the heaven by His understanding.
When He uttereth His voice,
there is a multitude of waters in the heavens;
and He causeth the vapours to ascend from the ends of the earth:
He maketh lightenings with rain,
and bringeth forth the wind out of His treasures.
Jeremiah 51:15,16

May your day or night find blessings in God's grace.


  1. Even the fungus is beautiful on Pilgrim's Farm.

    I love the photos of the birds . . . and your fruit is amazing. We had a huge mango tree when we lived in Miami and I sure do miss it. I've been told there are some now suited for central Florida so I'll have to do a little research.

    Spent some time looking for other Caribbean garden blogs this morning and I couldn't find a thing. I fear I'm close to "stalker" status with yours. LOL - I was sharing your posts with my better half this morning and now he understands why I talk about it so much.

    Paradise . . . plain and simple.

    1. Elizabeth, I've tried finding more Caribbean garden blogs, too, and they are very rare. One that maybe you might enjoy is benthamhouse.blogspot.com which is in Barbados. It would be nice if you could get yourself another mango tree that would grow in central Florida.

  2. Did you make that fruit picker? There were some similar in the store but they sold out.

    1. No, but you've given me an idea. I need one for smaller fruit. Maybe I could make one.

  3. Great post, I really enjoyed all the birds, but really on the clean laundry. They need to learn there place is not to be singing there.


    1. Those birds come around for my chicken's food I put out for them. Of course, my laundry happens to be handy comfy seating for feathered creatures.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful birds! Beautiful plants! I have never heard of bread fruit? What is it? (s'posin' I could google it and find out! :))

    Hope you have a lovely day!

    1. Keri, you'd probably get more info from the web than I could give you here : ) It's a fruit but, eaten most like a veggie, sort of potato tasting, only sweeter.

  5. Glorious. I wish I could pull off breadfruit here - I've always found it fascinating. I've got a bunch of little jackfruit seedlings going in my nursery, even though there's no way they'll survive the frosts in N. Florida. They'll just be gifts to friends further south at some point... or perhaps sold to someone brave.

    Papaya is like a tree cantaloupe - I love it.

    1. It would be nice if you could grow breadfruit. We have a jackfruit tree but, it hasn't produced as yet. It's young and still growing. I'm eager to see what it does.

  6. Love seeing your lush environment!

  7. I love seeing all your tropical pictures. I'm able to dream of living in a tropical paradise through your blog. Thank you!

  8. I haven't eaten papaya for so long, I'll have to look for it when I go grocery shopping again, maybe they'll have some but even if they do, I'm already sure that it won't taste that good as the ones you pick freshly from your little fruit paradise. How wonderful it must be to have all that delicious fruit right there in the garden waiting for someone to pick and enjoy. Thanks again for sharing your heavenly place with us. I have been reading a number of post from you all at once, one after the other, couldn't get enough of it. I'm always so amazed at where you live. I can honestly say I didn't know there were any places like that in this world, truly a piece of heaven.