Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sometime Earlier...

A few days ago...
I took a walk down the hill to the back land of the homestead to see...

the tilling and sowing being done on the farm

the corn is coming up
right up front in the photo below you can see it just a bit

we've got some greens and tomato plants moving right along
I know...they are a bit hard to see...
but, I was being distracted by the lovely green trees all around...
and didn't do a good job focusing the camera on the short crops

there is a pumpkin vine growing under the cocoa tree in the center of the photo
we'll have to keep watch to make sure it doesn't overrun other plants
not sure if it was deliberately sowed there or a volunteer...
but, we do hate to pull up promising food plants

it's been a busy week so far...
and so my time on the computer is quite limited for the moment
but, the butterflies and bees are still spending lots of time around the Duranta plant...
and they have given us a lovely show, so far

May your day or night find blessing in God's grace.


  1. I, for one, want to thank you for taking the time to post when you're so busy with the farm. I check daily for my dose of "Cottage Life of Pilgrim's Farm" and you never fail to make me happy.

  2. It is always a joy to read about and see what is going on there on your farm. You are an inspiration.


  3. I would have thought that you'd have planted earlier than you did. The days are getting shorter now and plants are very aware of this.
    But it all looks good!

  4. Looking good Jean. I hope you get a bountiful crop!