Thursday, July 11, 2013

Window Cleaning and Cocoa...

How do window cleaning and hot cocoa come together?

they meet on a rainy day!

we got the bottom part of a tropical storm that went through north of us the other day...
and it left us some hard rain in the night...
and some gentler rain through the day as the tail of the storm wagged it's way on

Pip and one of his hens came up to visit briefly in the morning
I let them visit through the screen

and when the rain started coming down again...
the hen had sense enough to seek shelter under the cottage...
and Pip forgot his senses and didn't make a big deal of the wet

during a rain pause...
I went down to the garden to pick some herbs for tea...
and saw this pretty little bug
the Lord has His artistic reasons for painting these tiny creatures as He does...
and it's beautiful
I don't know if this is a good bug for my garden or a bad one...
maybe I will look it up

it was the kind of evening that called for hot cocoa

my electric coffee grinder took a permanent holiday...
so, now I just use the hand grinder which works just fine for me...
and I ground enough roasted cocoa beans to make two large cups to relax with, after day's end

and the rains brought a chance to clean the windows on the inside...
where I take a damp cloth with a bucket of vinegar water and...
and wiped down each and every wooden slat
we have no glass in the windows; just screen and wood slats that close and open
these windows are our "air conditioners"...
and I love the way the cool breezes flow through the slats and keep the cottage comfortable 

Hearken, ye heavens, and I will speak:
and let the earth hear the words of my mouth.
My doctrine shall drop as rain,
and my speech shall still as the dew,
as the shower upon the herbs,
and as the great rain upon the grass.
For I will publish the name of the Lord:
give ye glory unto our God.
Perfect is the work of the mighty God:
for all his ways are judgment.
God is true, and without wickedness: 
just and righteous is he.
Deuteronomy 32:1-4

May your day or night find showers of blessings in the grace of Jesus Christ.


  1. Just as those little creatures never stop to amaze me (my attention was drawn to a tiny insect today while photographing some flowers) your life and the way you let us be part of it through your blog never stop to amaze me either. Thank you for sharing.

  2. It sounds like the perfect rainy day.

  3. That storm has been supposed to hit us since Tuesday, still nothing. Love the pics, wish we had mountains!

  4. Fresh ground cocoa! Wow!

    I love your photos and your beautiful life!


  5. So delightful again to share your cottage farm and what happens in your 'neck of the woods' .... your island and its beauty! Thanks!
    Can you tell me what brand your coffee hand grinder is?? Love it! So appreciate the time you take to share with us!

    1. Hello Villarosa! I got the grinder at a Home Depot store several years ago in the USA. On the bottom it shows London Pottery and a tiny signature I cannot make out. It was the only one in the store and probably a "left over" or overstock from a company that makes those grinder. Thanks for coming by, again.

    2. Thank you, Jean, for taking the time to reply to my question... will do a little search.... I'll see if I can find the company with that info. You and your lovely life are so inspiring to all of us! Right now I wish for rain! We are over a 100 degrees and no rain for 4 weeks, and probably won't have any till late fall....

    3. Villarosa, I must make an apology. The place I got the grinder at was HomeGoods, not Home Depot. Also, I believe London Pottery has a website and they are located in the UK. -jean

  6. hi Jean!
    oh this rainy weather! its been pouring here, but we've need it so much!
    I bet the hand grinder is such a treat for you :)
    i find vinegar to be a most wonderful cleaning agent!
    the chickens are cute... for me, not so much the insect, tee hee