Thursday, July 18, 2013


I love to go down to the riverside...
sit cocooned among the tall trees and listen to the gurgling of the water...
among the rocks, while birds flit in and out among the trees...
and chirp their songs

but, not for long, because it can get a bit mesmerizing...
and then I linger too long while there are things to do

one of our bee hives took a beating from the wax moth...
so, we looked up the answer to see what solution we could use...
to keep those tiny winged pests away from the hives
I came upon Michael Bush's beekeeping website...
and went to his pests page on wax moths
he recommended using a 2 litre bottle with holes in the sides...
with a homemade solution of vinegar, syrup and banana peel

this is supposed to attract and trap the moths and we are hoping it works
we will not use chemical treatments for our bees and their hives

and speaking of pests...
well, this one may be a fly "admiring" my roses...
but, isn't he pretty...just look at those eyes!

and there he goes

my little garden girl has been watching over the Mexican Sunflower plants coming up...
which all grew by seeds wildly sown from the original plants
at least, I'm thinking that's what they are because nothing else was growing there

I did pick of few of the Jump-up-and-kiss flowers growing along the ground under them

and with some of the Duranta blooms...

put them into a tiny cobalt blue bottle to have something pretty to see...
while I strained some honey into the bottle

I do so like the way the honey dribbles into the long neck of the bottle...
as it streams down through the funnel
the sunlight coming in through the kitchen window gave the honey such a pretty golden color

how I do enjoy God's earthly gifts!

and yet, there is nothing sweeter than the Lord's heavenly blessings...
namely the description of the perfect Lamb of God, Jesus Christ...

I have not declined from Thy judgements:
for Thou didst teach me.
How sweet are Thy promises unto my mouth!
yea, more than honey unto my mouth.
By Thy precepts I have gotten understanding:
therefore I hate all the ways of falsehood.
Psalm 119:102-104

and though I can do nothing of myself,
it is when the Lord has taught me by His Holy Spirit,
and by the work of my Saviour,
that His grace is even sweeter than honey

May your day or night find the sweetness of God's grace.


  1. Beautiful words and photos Jean.

    The fly photos are amazing. Our God is so good, to give us such beauty.


  2. Wonderful photos and beautiful thoughts and scripture.


  3. I did not know bees had any "predators" except bears after the honey. Good luck getting rid of the moths.
    That fly must be stoned. He has red eyes.
    Have a good weekend!

  4. I had a kind of terrible day today, and it was so comforting to read this lovely post. Your riverside looks so peaceful, and I love your garden girl and the flowers in the little blue vase.

  5. Always beautiful and peaceful to read your blog.... a wonderful blessing on this Sabbath day! Thank you for sharing with us!

  6. HI Jean! Such a beautiful bouquet in your blue bottle. I'm glad you have something other then chemicals to try for your bees. Such lovely honey too! So nice to know you came by! Summer looks wonderful at your place.