We get two seasons here on this tropical island...
rainy and dry
so, I don't know that we could say it's "summertime" here during rainy season...
but, it's been feeling like it

in any case, the heat doesn't keep me inside when there are interesting things to see and do

this little finchie lady who hangs around the cottage with her mate...

took to sitting after Mr. Finch finished the nest on the corner of the cottage up in the ivy

and when I stepped by the beehives on my way to the garden...
the bees were trying to tell us something
my husband listened and gave them another super, adjusted their opening for more ventilation...
and the sweet bees are now a little calmer

often, with dogs and chickens close by my heels...
I like to wander down to the fruit trees to see what's good to snack on

and the rains bring in wild things like pretty flowers to stare at...

and admire

we are still getting plenty breadfruit on the tree...

and when I pick one, manage to get milky sap from the broken stem all over me...
but, well worth the stickiness

but, oh! these Ceylon mangoes are so good and their flavor tastes...
much like flowers mixed with honey

the citrus are coming along pretty fast and we are looking forward to adding them...
to our culinary menu

of course, there is always a little nest builder using the trees as home

buzzing by the breadfruit tree, I noticed that maribone wasps were swarming in a tizzy
not being sure as to why, it was better to step away and leave them to do their own thing

I did take a peek at the sugar apples on their tree at the bottom of the hill...
and soon, there will be some ready to pick

they will let me know, when the sections start to break loose from each other
when one is ready, I'll post on it to let you know what they are

the fruity booty for the day...
and Foxie just has to put her curious sniffer in to check it out

And the Lord Jesus Christ has promised His people:

I will also deliver you from all your filthiness,
and I will call for corn, and will increase it,
and lay no famine upon you.
For I will multiply the fruit of the trees,
and the increase of the field,
that ye shall bear no more the reproach of the famine among the heathen.
Then shall ye remember your own wicked ways,
and your deeds that were not good,
and shall judge yourselves worthy to have been destroyed for your iniquities,
and for your abominations.
Ezekiel 36:29-31

and He says:

I create the fruit of the lips, to be peace:
peace unto them that are far off,
and to them that are near, saith the Lord:
for I will heal him.
Isaiah 57:19

Amen, Jesus Christ the Saviour

May your day or night find fruitful peace in the grace of God.