Thursday, July 25, 2013

They're Growing...

This morning...
I needed that cup of coffee...
after the chickens were let out and given some morning rations...
and the dogs fed

coffee always comes after the more important things

these caterpillars (aka frangipani worms) have been busy making a meal of our two frangipani trees
we let them be

 many people panic when they see these caterpillars and will unnecessarily kill them...
thinking all their plants will die...

they do not harm the trees in spite of sometimes completely denuding the branches of their leaves...
the trees always come back strong as ever, with new leaves, every time
God feeds these caterpillars and He brings back the frangipani trees for the next generation

getting to about 9 or more inches long as they eat...
these are the big guys who turn into the Giant Gray Sphinx Moth

the frangipani has a toxic sap that helps these creatures defend themselves...
and our chickens know to stay clear of them

God does make them for a purpose, too...
and it does not bother us one bit, to see them devour the leaves

my husband was taking Farina and her little tag-along back out the gate after a milking...
when she decided the governor plum tree looked good enough to eat

she was indulged to have a few branches hanging too low
she thanked us with more milk later

the crops down by the river are growing quite well...
and on the way to check out their progress, I met a few of God's creatures

a tiny butterfly (although I believe it may be a moth type)

an inch long green grasshopper clinging to a blade of grass

and some of our honeybees

in the July 9th post, I showed how tiny the crops were...
in fact, one couldn't much see them in the photos

well, look now...
because pretty soon, we will be eating these up

the lettuce and tomato...

cucumber and sweet potato...

cabbage, broccoli, eggplant and cauliflower...

red beet and corn

if the Lord so blesses...
we will feast in thanksgiving for His bounty

the butterflies are still in force and doing a marvelous job of looking gorgeous as they pollinate

the sowing of seeds into the ground is a secret thing...
it is the work of God in a mysterious and wonderful way

so it is with the kingdom of God
He sends the workers out to sow...
and it is sovereign God who grows, increases and brings in the harvest...
of the souls He has saved from before the foundation of the earth

And he (Jesus) said,
So is the kingdom of God,
as if a man should cast seed into the ground;
and should sleep, and rise night and day,
and the seed should spring and grow up,
he knoweth not how.
For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself;
first the blade, then the ear,
after that the full corn in the ear.
But when the fruit is brought forth,
immediately he putteth in the sickle,
because the harvest is come.
Mark 4:26-29

and so it is that all glory, power and praise goes to God who does all these things by His own arm

May your day or night be sown in the grace of God.


  1. What do you mean, let the chickens out? I let ours out of their cage to roam the yard all day then they come for me to pick up and put back inside for the night.

    Yes, like you I have coffee after everything, walking dogs, feeding cats and chickens, getting ready for work... Saving the best for last.

    1. Their coop, of course! You didn't think I meant the house, did ya, Mark? : )

  2. I love the photos... looks like paradise. What kind of soil do you have? Looks nutritious!

    I'm also a bit of a softie for the caterpillars. I usually let most of ours alone, unless they're on my tomatoes.

    1. David, we have both a very rich dark volcanic and red soil. Both nutritious. It's no wonder we have trouble keeping down the bush growth and everything tame. You would love this island soil.

  3. vibrant rich colors great shots!

  4. I LOVE your coffee grinder! And that caterpillar? 9 inches? I'm both shrieking and marveling at the same time! It's beautiful.

    1. Ha-ha! I think, Diane, you're not much into bugs.