Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits...

Ain't she sweet?
this teeny tidbit of a finch is a young one who fledged not so very long ago

when these babies leave the nest for their first flight...
the whole world of finches on our farm set up a frenzy of chirpy excitement
it seems to be a big-to-do for them...
that catches my attention with all their pretty music

and then, there was this nest high up in a guava tree just feet from the cottage

a very once-elusive bird that I believe may be the Bare Eye Thrush...
decided the food around the farm was too good to pass by...
without nesting in one of the trees to bring babies up in

I found it quite difficult to catch a good snapshot of mama...
she was nervous and moving too much...
so I left her alone to feed the babies

but, if you look closely, you can see the yellow ring around the eye...
which is how they came to be named Bare Eye Thrush

the Lord gave 3 chicks to this particular pair who boldly came to our farm

and just recently, these cuties winged their way from the nest and are somewhere out there

the Giant Gray Sphinx Moth caterpillars mentioned in the July 25 post...
have done an excellent job of stripping the Frangipani trees of their leaves

only I'm not so sure they all got their fair share...
as we only have two of these trees and they are not very large quite yet

I am hoping they all got enough to get them to the next step of cocooning into moths

and in spite of denuding the poor trees...
already, the new leaves are starting to push their way out from the branches

and, I did not notice when the photo was snapped...
but, there he is; a little lizard sitting on the right-hand branch

my husband decided it was time to re-polish the wood floor inside and out 

he had not quite finished a small part as yet...
so we could go in and out while the rest finished drying

and then, of course, when he was ready to finish...
the dogs had to go outside in the yard until the last part was dried

now, the wood looks new again

I have been waiting for the Heliconia to bloom

well...they're here

a very nice color against the cottage's aqua green...
which didn't show up very well in these photos

but, I did find some eggs in the rock garden

the other day, I finally found out where one of my hens was laying her eggs...
and found 10 eggs

she'd been laying there for some days, obviously...
right in front of my nose all along, the sneaky girl

but, I've got her number now

after we thought the cherry trees were done for the time...

one of them suddenly took to blooming and fruiting past the cherry season
but, oh my, don't they look purty hangin' up there from the branch

we may soon start looking like mangoes...
because there are many, many more than we can eat

I've been cutting up a few to freeze for later use when the season is over...
and they will be good for smoothies and mango sauces...
and perhaps some tarts

my husband brought in a 27 pound pumpkin

I put the cup inside to show you how big the cavity is

the fibrous strands goes to the chickens...
and the seeds to us

the ribs of this pumpkin have deep dents that give it a flower shape...
which looked kind of pretty to me

my husband enjoys having pumpkin and pigeon peas in his brown rice...
and it does taste pretty good 

as for the seeds...
they were roasted with some sea salt

I don't bother rinsing off the pumpkin bits from them...
it gives a nicer taste to the seeds

I wanted to let readers know that, this blog will take a two month hiatus...
from August 1 to September 30
if the Lord is willing...I will be back Oct 1
but, there will be two Saturday postcard days during the hiatus...
something in the form of slide videos instead of just a photo
I hope you look for them and enjoy

may your August and September find wonderful blessings in the Lord's grace
have a cup of cherries, please

Every word of God is pure:
He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him.
Add thou not unto His words,
lest He reprove thee,
and thou be found a liar.
Proverbs 30:5,6

May your day or night be blessed in God's grace.
- jean


  1. Dear Jean ~ What a lovely post filled with God's bounty surrounding you there, in critters and good things to eat and beautiful flowers and a lovely home.

    Enjoy your two months away from computer. Will look forward to your videos.


  2. Good Morning, Ms. Jean,

    What a beautiful treat this morning, viewing all of your lovely photographs. I always love stopping by here, and seeing all the goings on of your beautiful homestead!

    We are experiencing a much milder summer, plenty of rain and cooler than usual temps for our part of the country. I'm sitting here now listening to a gentle rain and distant thunder.

    I look forward to seeing your videos, enjoy your time away, and God bless you and your husband!

    Mrs. C

  3. I think we got us some accidential pumpkin growing in the yard...

    Noooo Don't go for two months!

    But enjoy your time off, I'll still be here, God willing and the creek don't rise!

  4. Glorious. I planted a Barbados cherry in my dad's yard and it's wonderfully random with its production... there always seems to be at least a couple fruit hanging on it.

  5. Jean ~ will miss you SOOO much, but will appreciate the time you do take send share with us from you Paradise on earth! Enjoy the cyber rest... Will keep you in my prayers!

  6. You live in such a place of beauty! I always enjoy seeing your photographs!

  7. Dearest Jean,
    I so look forward to having a wonderful visit in His Kingdom with you one day! I am so excited to see all He has for us to see and do in His Kingdom. Because I can know that this is only a shadow of what Heaven is like.
    Blessings, Roxy

  8. Enjoy your break! I'll miss seeing the beauty of your life.


  9. Have a happy blogging break, Jean! I sure will miss reading. It must be a pretty wonderful problem to have so many mangoes! And those cherries are so shiny and beautiful they don't even look real. Love your freshly polished floors! They look so clean and perfect!

  10. living off the land..wonderful