Monday, June 16, 2014

Mango Tea

One of my favorite things is tea, especially iced tea on a warm, sunny day

lately, with mango season coming in to full time...
I take a hefty bag on my morning walks with my dogs down the road...
and to the river where there is an old dam of long ago time...

where there are many mango trees growing from the old fruit plantation of years gone by...
 that still produce lots of mangoes for anyone who wants to pick them
children from up the mountain like to come down and shake the mangoes from the trees...
saving me the work of trying to reach the fruit from high branches

these old tall mango trees grow all along the river banks on both sides

I know of at least 5 varieties that have filled my bags each morning...
in the last couple of weeks
 usually, I pick them from off the ground as there are enough to give me more than...
well, enough

it isn't hard to find between 25 to 40 mangoes each day and truly...
they make a bag heavy that I have to carry back up the hill to bring home
I have had to make a second trip for all of them just so my arms don't leave their sockets...
with the weight of too many mangoes in a bag

and if you are wondering what I do with all these mangoes...

some I save for ourselves; the green ones I put aside to ripen for later;
and most go to the cows who really do love them

a few go to the chickens who run in a hurry to get to them before they are gone

and then, there is mango tea
I have seen mango flavored teas in the supermarket but...
it just isn't the same as making it oneself from the real thing

I peel and grate the mango fruit down to the seed

put a heaping teaspoon of black tea in a cup

and stir in hot water to steep for at least 15 minutes...
then, strain into a glass and let cool

when I'm ready to drink the tea...
plenty of ice cubes go into the glass and 2 teaspoons of raw honey to sweeten

truly, this is refreshing and awfully good

May your day or night find refreshment in the grace of the Lord.


  1. Wow! That looks so good. Fun. I always love your pix and recipes.

  2. What a wonderful bounty! Your tea looks good too!


  3. Dear Jean, I am so thirsty now... I love a good ripe mango! I may use this recipe soon! Thanks so much!
    We start summer this weekend then our vacation!
    I have missed you!

  4. Amazing mangos!
    I had no idea that there were many varieties of mangos.
    I've only seen one variety in the grocery stores here, and they are quite pricy. What a blessing to have a bounty of mangos !!

  5. OH for a taste of your mangos!!! I remember sugar mangos that were so juicy they'd run down our chins as we'd eat them over the kitchen sink! Nothing like mango varieties in the tropics!