Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sparkling Pomegranate Water and Other Things...

Our pomegranate tree by the kitchen garden has been putting out fruit...
for the last few months

I'm taking advantage of that and a friend's recommendation to...
make sun sparkled pomegranate water for drinking

what seeds I didn't pop into my mouth went into a jar filled with water...
and placed in between the forked trunks of a lychee tree where the sun was hitting it...
just enough to draw the flavor from the seeds for a wonderfully tasteful thirst quencher

these are my kind of sparkles

the potted Stevia plants have not only been sweetening my teas...

but also blooming and coming to seed and...
although it's said that letting them come to seed makes the leaves a bit bitter...
I haven't found it so, not much
I prefer letting my Stevia seed and sow themselves as they've been doing...
saving me the work of keeping this wonderfully natural sweetener going on it's own

besides, the flowers are awfully pretty, tiny as they are

the Mexican sunflower has been doing the same...
reseeding itself in the garden and I noticed that the butterflies sure do come around for them

and with the dry season still keeping it's presence here...

these flowers give the little creatures their due reward for looking so lovely

and although it is advisable to snip the blooms off basil plants to keep them flavorful...

the flowers help feed the hungry bees; my basil sows itself... 
and I have more basil to use in the kitchen

in the mornings, I need no alarm clock on the bedside table
this little flycatcher gets up very early in the morning to chime "wake up!"
and he never fails to sweetly chirp his song close to the cottage every 5 am

this flycatcher not only gets up early enough to catch the worm...
but he manages to find himself a small lizard for extra fortitude...
or perhaps for little ones somewhere in a nest

our doves have been busy with nesting and we have quite a few precious wee doves...
peeping down on us from over the top of their nests in the tree tops

and because my daily chores are calling...
I leave you with my crinkled, pink double-petaled hibiscus...
with a thank you for coming by and visiting

May your day or night be filled with the loveliness of the Lord's grace.


  1. Dear Jean, I feel refreshed and blessed reading your words today! I am still working on making some changes to my diet. I need to try the fresh Stevia leaves. I feel like I have made little or no progress.
    Loved the photos so beautiful!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Thank you, Roxy. Diet changes are always difficult. I hope you don't give up.

  2. Outstanding pictures! Makes me wonder what kind of camera you were using.

    1. Thank you, Mark. I use the Lumix DMC FZ70 camera on different settings. My favorite is the "old days" setting which gives the photos a more "cozy" feel and look. I hope your day goes well for you.

  3. I like your wild birds and your sparkly pomegranate water which I am sure is refreshing. We love basil and grow it at our house (Italian, Greek and Lime) and I wonder what flavor it will add to the bees' honey. It sounds wonderful.

    1. Hello, Terra. I think our basil is the Italian. I hope to get the other kinds sometime, too. Who can go wrong growing basil : )

  4. What a restful, lovely life you live. It is all in your perspective of what things are truly important.

    I like to put frozen berries in water and let them flavor the water! Yummy and refreshing!


    1. How true it is that it is in our perspective in what is important. No matter where the Lord puts us, if we are His children, we can always find restful pleasure in His care. Frozen berries in water sounds great.