Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Green, Green, They Say

The color of the rain is green, one could say

after all, green is what follows after, when rains come this way

and when the green comes in abundant vibrancy...
then, the crops do follow, to everyone's sowing fancy

but, alas!
the time has come and passed for cherry jam time...
and the bowl of cherries just for jam...
has gone beyond it's point of chime

which simply means...
I just wasn't able to get to the jam making before the cherries went bad
and bad cherries make bad jam

but, the passionfruit are coming along just fine

the vine climbing the mango tree until the fruits intertwine amongst themselves

and I've got to keep an eye on the passionfruit vine...
to make sure it doesn't mess with my grapevine

to rotate our crops, my husband sowed corn in the kitchen garden...

along with some lettuce

he did try a couple melon seeds and while they came up...
this season they just didn't do so well

we'll try again later

I was pleasantly surprised by my turmeric plant...
when she sprung a lovely set of bracts with pretty yellow flowers

and how wonderfully the Lord detailed this plant that gives it's rhizomes for medicine
it's easy to find the info on it on the web 

we are nuts for breadnuts here and so I thought to sow a couple seeds to grow
one seed came up in no time and the little tree is doing fine

we will transplant this as part of our new project homestead soon

and because soursops are so popular these days and bring in a nice little income...
we have sowed quite a few seeds and almost all have come up

we have them in various growing stages and will be transplanting the older ones soon
they too, will be part of the new project homestead crop

it's been a rainy day, today...
and I have not spent much time outdoors

and with the day coming to a close...
 it is time to finish up the last of the chores before night falls...
and lighting the lamps again for our evening time of relaxation and rest

He maketh me to rest in green pasture,
and leadeth me by the still waters.
Psalm 23:2

May your day or night find rest in the grace of the Lord.


  1. You are fortunate to have such great growing weather.Never heard of a soursop before.

  2. Oh Jean I am so thankful you found my blog!! Your Grenada cottage is a little glimpse of Heaven on Earth! It is my dream to one day live in Grenada again. The island and the people definitely stole a piece of my heart! I just hope that the Lord's calling and my dream align someday.... :)
    Where on the island are you? It looks like you're in the interior somewhere from all the hills and the view of the ocean. Your garden is incredible! I believe anything could grow in Grenada!!!

    1. Hi Kelsey! So glad you dropped by! Grenada steals a lot of people's hearts, it seems. We live in St. David parish just down a bit from La Sagesse beach. We are nestled on the side of a mountain. Perhaps the Lord will lead you and your family to come again, someday. If you do, please do, look us up. If you want to contact me anytime, my email is under my profile. Thanks for your comments.