Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pilgrim's Farm Cherry Juice

The morning I made cherry juice started with a bright light of a cloud...
with just a whisper of a cool breeze

and the little birds of Pilgrim's Farm were busy among the tree branches...
catching breakfast...

and singing their songs

and in spite of picking a bucketful of cherries the day before...

the trees were still as full of these red jewels as though they hadn't been touched

and because it would be a silly thing to let these good fruit go to waste...

I picked as many as I could reach

leaving a few that were being feasted on by the spirobolid millipedes...
creatures found by many to be a nuisance...
but, they are great for getting rid of rotting produce

even the birds have not been able to make much of a dent in the amount of cherries in the trees

and there were quite a few that were too sky high for me to reach
no doubt, the critters will help themselves to those

and then it occurred to me that I didn't bring the bucket and my shirt got full

so, a bucket I got and in no time it started to fill and the cherries took a long time to pick...
but, the birds were singing, the chickens were clucking, the sun was shining...
and there wasn't any hurry for something else at the moment
just cherry picking therapy at my own pace

I love the cherry jewels that hang all by themselves from the lower branches of the tree...
as if they don't care for the crowd that jostle for room

the brown of the trunk and the red of the cherry seem to go well together 

and as if the red, red cherries weren't enough red...
the cashew fruit is giving competition a few feet away

of course, I cannot leave them all behind just for the birds and millipedes
it's only fair to have them share a few with others of us

let's not forget the wax apple fruit with it's sweet crunchiness...
and still coming along into it's own red hues
I did pick a few that turned out to be quite good in spite of their youngness

and did I mention that there are still more fruit in the color red?
this pretty little oval is called a plum here on the island...
but, am not sure exact name for it
it's small, sweet and juicy and of course...
most of these have been eaten by the birds
ah well, it isn't like we don't get enough fruits to eat

on my way back up to the cottage I collected a few eggs for the day
our hens are consistent egg layers year around as we have no winters here

there is no easy, fast way to make cherry juice
but, if one has the patience, it's well worth the effort
because, you see, the pit of the cherry has cyanide and you don't want to eat that
so, with time, every pit must be taken out
my patience, I'm sorry to say, isn't very remarkable

nonetheless, the cherry juice was made using the blender to process the pulp of the fruit...

and whirring the fruit until it is completely pureed into a liquid
no need to strain

the cherry pulp color won out over the skin color...
but, isn't it pretty

tangerine colored cherry juice

this is what happens when one is patient enough with...
picking, cleaning, pitting, blending a wonderful little fruit...
into a delicious, refreshing juice sweetened with raw honey
and no doubt, a little carbonated water would probably give it a sparkly kick

So that a man shall say,
Verily there is a reward for the righteous:
verily He is a God that judgeth in the earth.
Psalm 58:11

May your day or night be fruitful by the grace of God.


  1. The juice looks delicious! Isn't it amazing how we are geared to think that cherry juice should be red? I bought some fruit ice pops at the natural foods store and the cherry ones were the color of your juice! Natural!

    Have a wonderful day, Jean!


  2. Excellent! I love all the fruits in this post!

  3. Just loved the pictures of the delicious fruit on your farm!! The juice is bEAuTiFuL!!!! I remember growing up and enjoying the cashew fruit.... just never knew there was a cashew inside ~Smile....

    1. Hi Villarosa! actually, the french cashew has a regular seed inside. The cashew nut fruit, which is a different fruit, has the cashew nut on the bottom of the fruit itself. It's confusing when they both have the name of "cashew" and look so similar. I posted about the differences in the June 27, 2013 "French Cashew...and Cashew Nut, too", in case you didn't see that one. Thanks for coming by, again and I hope your day goes well.

  4. The cherry juice reads delicious...incredible fruits indeed...most are 'foreign' to me.
    The date today is 24th July and I just wanted to say I thought of you when the Grenada team arrived in the stadium at the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games....Our weather is also almost Grenadian like - your fellow countrymen and women would probably think it was cool though. Best wishes from a balmy Northern Ireland - we have another day of great sunshine to come tomorrow and then rain to water the gardens properly.