Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Pleasant Accident by Nature

In the last few days, I have been experimenting aka hopefully learning...
how to make good eats with clabbering raw milk

well, I can't say what exactly happened here...
but, after 3 days of clabbering a half gallon jar of raw milk...
I got what seems to be cheese along with the soft curds of natural sour cream

I understand that cheese can be preserved in olive oil, so I went ahead and did just that...
and this is what you are seeing in the photo above
preserved this way, the cheese does not need to be refrigerated

and this is what my clabbering milk turning into whey, sour cream and cheese looked like...
while I let it sit for a few days to do it's own delicious thing
the cheese floated to the top; the whey in the middle; the sour cream on the bottom

the sour cream is straining into the glass cup to thicken it...
the liquid whey is in a jar to be used for various other things (dogs, chickens, cooking)...
and the cheese is rather a very interesting surprise to me

it came out with a pleasant, mildly tart, cheesy taste...
and a texture between farm cheese and mozarella cheese

now they say cheese just doesn't have much flavor if rennet is not used...
but, I daresay, my milk cultured this cheese all by itself and it's tasty enough for me
all it needs is a little sea salt mixed into it

I'd like to know; was it the warm days of our tropical weather or the thick cream in the milk?
there is no info I could find on this that satisfied my curiosity
but, I have no doubt; this is good

rennet is not readily available here on this island...
and if the warm tropical climate is enough to help out with the culturing of cheese...
from my raw milk simply from standing a few days...
I'll take it

as for the sour cream; it really tastes a lot like creamy yogurt and super good with raw honey
awfully nice as a topping on homemade granola

so, the verdict on all this pleasant accident by nature...?

I'm grateful for the freedom to have a cow and raw milk

thought this short video of a couple who went to pick up their raw milk from a farm was interesting

May your day or night find merciful blessings in the Lord's grace.


  1. Wow! That is really cool! I especially love the last picture, of the dog sleeping on the giant cream cheese pillow!

  2. Interesting I have yet to try raw milk. My daughter is interested in goats for 4H this year so we shall see it might be in my future! ~thanks for sharing ~Heather


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