Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Something New

Our time lately has been taken up moving forward on a decision...
finding space for Pilgrim's Farm animals

after searching for a couple of years...
several months ago...
we seemed to have found it

while we were searching for a bit more grazing space...
we downsized by a few animals to make our current space situation better

recently we lost the fields we were grazing our livestock on
the owners, who were kind to let our animals on the land while not in use...
are now leasing it out to someone who is farming it

we knew it would happen someday...
which is why we started searching for our own pasture lands

after all, our animals do need to eat, too...
and because on this island, most animals feed on what is natural for them...
there is next to nothing in the way of animal feed for sale on this island...
except for gmo and soy filled chicken and goat feed...
that is not an option

we pasture feed our animals for healthy milk, eggs and meat...
the way the Lord God created it

while we downsized to fewer animals...
most of our property supports crops and little grazing areas for the livestock
therefore, if we are to keep them...
they must have grazing grounds for feed

so, if you are interested in our next big project for Pilgrim's Farm...
please do, come along

our first thing to do was to get our cottage started
we will hopefully, Lord willing, be moving into it next month of March

just a little wooden cottage of a total 875 square feet...
and that includes a center courtyard of 300 sq ft
nothing big, nothing fancy...
it is just a temporal home on earth as long as the Lord keeps us here

once we can get into the cottage...
we can get the chicken coop up and a milking shed for the goats and cow

later, if you are interested, I will take you on a tour of the cottage...
when it is finished

we will be off-grid mostly by choice...
but also because there is no grid close enough at this time
we plan on solar panels and we will be collecting rain water...
and using the spring creek for house water

we will need to park by the main road and walk 1/3 of a mile...
over the river and through the woods, literally...
until we can get our bridge built

while I realize that until we get our bridge...
this could get old after a while...
yet, we feel having our own pasture lands for the animals will be well worth it

basically, we are starting all over again...

I say!
we are in for a little adventure...
are you game?

while this property will be new to us...
I think about the newness of the Lord's mercies on us everyday

It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed,
because His compassions fail not.
They are new every morning:
great is Thy faithfulness.
The Lord is my portion,
saith my soul;
therefore will I hope in Him.
Lamentations 3:22-24

What a wonderful God!

May your day or night find mercies in the Lord. 



  1. Be very interested in following you on your journey!

    1. I will try my best to make it interesting.

  2. Wow! How incredibly exciting. I loved your old property... but the wilderness is truly tempting.

    1. It won't be a wilderness for long! We've already been planting fruit trees and some are now blooming!!

  3. Is this house on your property where you are living now?

    You two amaze me with how you are living. God's continued blessings on you and your little farm.

    I look forward to reading and seeing more.


    1. The new house is on a different property. We'll be moving off the old one and selling it.

  4. How wonderful & to be off grid too.
    I am really looking forward to future posts about your move.
    Fondly Michelle

    1. Thanks for coming by, Michelle! I hope the posts will be interesting.

  5. This is a wonderful new venture and adventure for you, moving off grid to a new location. It looks wild and green and the animals will like it there, I imagine.

    1. It is a bit wild and definitely green! We'll have more food and room for the animals. Thanks for coming by, Terra.

  6. exciting and beautiful Jean. All the best for the transition. I look forward to following the Big Move! {{hugs}} from Julia, in New Zealand

  7. Hello Jean, I'm sure it will all go smoothly for you and I will really enjoy watching and reading about your new venture. The Lord has provided your new property and He will walk with you all the way.
    Blessings Gail (from Australia)

  8. That is a big change Jean! Your cottage is looking lovely right now. It is amazing to have this new adventure and I pray that it will be a blessing to you and your animals.


    1. In some ways, it will be a big change and yet, the same in other ways. Glad you dropped by, Deanna!

  9. Hello Jean! You bet.. I want to see all the pictures and hear the stories! May God bless everything you both set your hands too!
    Hugs, Roxy

    1. Hello Roxy! I hope it will be interesting for you. Thanks for coming by, again!

  10. I wish you every blessing as you move to pastures new (literally). May the Lord go before you and smooth the way, undertaking for all the decisions which will be made in the next month.
    I was just telling my husband your latest news....not farming as he knows it but we are both wondering just how much grazing you will have....and do the animals also eat the plants as well....think I know that the goats will eat mostly anything!
    Will look forward to hearing all about it in the future.

    1. Thanks, Joyce! The animals will have more grazing areas than they do now and yes, they do eat many of the plants growing around.

  11. But is will be beautiful! Enjoy!