Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Safe and Secure

The other morning, I went to the coop and took down one of my hens from the roost
she had been sick for the last 3 days with something I could not figure out
she was a layer hen and we bought her at one of the agriculture stores in town
first time and last time I would do that
(I'll post on the whys of that another time)

these hens are not bred to last very long

I much prefer the local "mut" chickens that run around free
I have not had any local chicken get sick on me...
and they are hardy and smart

we keep chickens mainly for eggs...
and one of my local hens that we've had for a few years now...
still lays eggs

this little hen did not respond to medication...
but she wanted to be with her close-knit siblings...
so I let her sleep one more time in the coop with them

when I went into the coop to check on her the next morning...
she was trying to support herself on the roost with one wing on the post
I took her gently in my arms and cradled her
I wanted her to feel safe and secure, knowing she was dying
within two minutes, she peacefully and quietly passed away

she was buried down the hill below the cottage
and I got to thinking about how safe and secure the child of God is
in a world full of sorrows and wickedness...
how beautiful it is to know that I am safely cradled in the arms of my Saviour

The Lord will rescue me from every evil deed
and bring me safely into His heavenly kingdom.
To Him be the glory forever and ever.
2 Timothy 4:18


  1. It hard when our animals die, but I liked how you handled it. I also think your analogy is so very good.


  2. I'm so sorry your lost this chicken. Your photos are beautiful


  3. So sorry to hear of this loss.....hope you get a replacement in due time.....she gave you her produce and did what chickens are supposed to do and she gently left this earth.
    Our neighbour lost his horse on Saturday had a heart defect and he is devastated at the loss of his four legged friend who was a real character and almost one of the family but of course he and all of us know that animals do not have souls but we hate to see them leave us but if they are sick it is the humane thing to let them go, gently....Frankie the horse was put to sleep and just slid down while his owner's wife held his head in his trrailer. I watched our neighbour hose out his trailer today and we will not see Frankie at the bottom of our garden again and I'll not need the odd carrot or apple to give him.

  4. Yes Jean, it is sad to loose a hen, how ever I too feel that we are so blessed to be able to feel safe in our Saviours arm no matter what. I also know that He cares for all his creatures and He cared for your little hen as well.
    Blessings Gail.