Saturday, August 22, 2015

Planting and Husbandry

I must admit to you, dear Readers...
that I often have trouble giving you interesting posts to read

because we are often working at growing food...

that seems to be the bulk of our activities on the new homestead

we have been busy with sowing and planting...

and are excited to see results coming along quite nicely

my husband planted peas among the corn as well

and the watermelon patch is already putting out tiny melons...
our mouths are watering for these juicy fruits 

the gates for my herb garden are finally up...

and the naughty....

but, cute chickens are now limited to their own wide open spaces

the roses in the flower gardens are blooming in profusion

and my husband continues to give lots of attentive care...

to our livestock

making sure that Ms. Ruthie Moo Moo will be healthy at calving time

and giving the ram his dues...
and the does their bit of deserving attentions

I would like to ask of you, dear Readers...
what would interest you about our homesteading?
Is there anything I could post about for you?

May you day or night find grace in the Lord.


  1. It is all interesting. I love reading about your lifestyle. I wonder 'how' you two came to be living where you are with this lifestyle you've chosen. I've enjoyed reading about your old and now new homes, reading about and seeing pictures of your critters, homes, projects and produce, etc.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Yes, I like all your posts....I would love to read about your former life too as I think I came here long after you moved to Grenada.
    As for planting your 'garden' - is it correct that you can almost plant anytime?
    I enjoy your cooking posts but not all are suitable for our climate etc.
    I also wonder if you have a church family near my knowledge you haven't mentioned that....but I end saying that I do not wish to be too 'nosey' and am willing to read whatever you are comfortable to share with us.
    Joyce in a dark and dismal and torrential rainy Northern Ireland.

  3. Thanks for asking and I can truthfully echo both Flowerlady and Joyce.

  4. Yes - can you just plant any time?

    Also, what corn are you growing? Did you ever get edible air potatoes to make hanging bulbils? And finally - I read there's a big drought - are you doing okay?

    1. Drought? Here?? Not yet! Maybe you're reading about other island droughts. We grow the local corn which is sweet and tender when young, and the older corn for drying for cornmeal and chickens. No one has a clue as to the real name of the corn but, it seems to be a maize? type. It is an heirloom and been around for many years. And yes! we can grow year around here!! Certain crops do better during certain times of the two seasons (dry and wet), but, there is always food to be grown here. We did get the edible air potatoes to make hanging bulbils. I think they would have done better in the ground, though. We found out when we moved to our new homestead that, it is found to be common in the bush. We found some growing on our property. We were told that it used to be a food crop here, but, no one grows it anymore.

    2. Sounds marvelous! I would love to trying growing the corn. Year round... just planting any old time... boy.

      The one from the farm I brought to you was different from the wild ones I saw on the island: it's supposed to be much more productive and the edible bulbils are tastier than the others. Are there still some left?

      No drought is great! Hope to see you again soon.

    3. I didn't realize they were different. When we moved the plant, what was left dropped off while they were small. Wished we had been more careful.

    4. It happens! I'll hunt for more for you.

  5. Your blog is always interesting and enjoyable to read. You and your husband are definitely committed to this lifestyle. Have a blessed day.

  6. Hello Jean,
    Yes I agree with your other friends, in liking what you post. We live across the world in Australia and I always enjoy seeing and reading about what you are growing also how you are coming along with your new home. Maybe you could write a little more about what you will be planting in your herb garden and how you will be using them. I also love to try out other peoples recipes. But I really just enjoy coming by for a visit and I really like the verses on your blog.
    Blessings Gail.

  7. Always delighted with the beauty of your spot on the earth, and the lovely plants, home, and animals you share your life with ~Smile... Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us... always an inspiration!

  8. Dear Jean,

    I am sorry as my comment is completely off the topic.. but still i have a strong urge to ask. I had a friend named Elizabeth lived in Florida and she used to run a blog based on her flowering endeavors by the name of Eli ~~. She was also connected to your blog and used to respond to many of your posts. She has not been active in replying over my blog and also her blog is missing from the internet for quite some time.. Any idea.. I have no other way to know her whereabouts and thought you may be of some help.. Thanks in advance and much love and regards to you..

    1. Kaivi, I do remember an Eli but, don't know what has happened to her blog. Maybe she has gone on to something else but, I have no information. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful with that. So many bloggers disappear after blogging for awhile. Seems to be a common thing.

  9. I just love seeing all the lush green!! you can't find that here in Southern California ~Heather :)