Saturday, August 15, 2015

Torrential Rains...but ah! Sweet, Raw Milk

Last week, the Lord sent what could only be called...
a torrential rain

we woke up to inclement weather with the passing of a tropical wave

and we were so glad we had a few ditches dug around to catch the rain runoff...
or we may have seen much water creeping up to our door

being surrounded by mountains while we live in a valley...
practically makes it quite imperative to dig drainages that will keep...
the waters flooding down into our property from those high hills...

as you can see, the bucket really did fill up in seconds from the runoff

the spring creek is normally a gurgling peacefulness...

but, this particular rainfall came down hard and long...
causing a quiet creek to be impossible to cross

our goats stayed safely up on the hill above the swollen creek

and while the river is normally winding it's way through the forest...
with just a whisper of it's watery voice...

 it became a raging force that only a fool would try to cross

it became quite angry with a roar that we could hear as if it were at our doorstep

and it soon took a turn to the right as it overflowed

and because it started to creep it's way down the road...

my husband took up his shovel and dug a ditch to redirect the flow...
to head the river back to it's own rightful place along the forest course

and then, there is the peaceful anticipation of raw milk
our dog, Shadow, a raw milk lover knows...

that when my husband brings down, Darla, our milker from down the hill... 

there is the anticipation of delicious food to lap up

Darla is our new milker

and she has been a very sweet goat

we brought her home from a goat project that went defunct

and she has blended in quite nicely into our homestead

she seems to like it here
perhaps because she is treated very importantly

after all, she gives us liquid nutrition...

that is a real benefit to our diet

my husband soon discovered...
she does not need tying to the post to stand nice and quiet for milking

indeed, give me raw milk over gold anytime
I would rather eat well than be rich in monies

May your day or night find the richness of God's grace.


  1. Hi Jean, the pictures of the stream were interesting. It's amazing how a storm can make a gentle stream into a raging river. Glad that your goat is a good provider. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

  2. Nice photos. Your goat looks like it's being pampered and spoiled, but loving it!

  3. It's been a quiet "hurricane" season this year. That is so good. Glad you didn't end up with water in your living space. So glad for how you are settling into your new home.


  4. Back when we lived in Tennessee, the drainage ditch in our backyard once became a rampaging river that swept away from our gardens years of soil-building, plus mulch, plants, landscape logs and even our little bridge. Water is a terrifyingly powerful thing. Good to see you had plans in place to redirect it!

  5. Nice to see all your pictures and the stream running so fast but more importantly it's good to hear you are safe and no damage was done. It's still winter here in Australia, and has been very cold and not really much rain. We are ready for spring. Take care, Blessings Gail.

  6. We had a good rain the otner day ane we really needed it!