Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Watermelon, Corn and Meshach News

The days here have been sunny and warm

my husband has been busy planting tomato...
pepper, eggplant, cucumber, ochra...
more corn and watermelons

I planted more butternut squash which are doing well

somewhere out there on the homestead...
a hen has been laying her eggs where I couldn't find them

well, while my husband was weedwacking in one of the small cornfields...

these eggs suddenly appeared
muddy but, still good
she had made a nice little nest under one of the corn stalks
it surprised me that rats or opossums didn't have late night dinners of them

since then, my little cornfield hen has gone back to laying eggs in the coop...
the more appropriate place, of course

speaking of eggs in the cornfield...

we've been eating some nice corn
always roasted because it's so much nicer than boiled

we've had quite a few and are leaving the rest of them to dry...
for cornmeal and chicken feed

and plenty watermelons have been produced by the vines

my husband kept bringing them up...

and going back for more till he had enough to sell to the market

of course, we have been eating them, too
even our chickens and cow have been getting the rinds which they devour

for a really nice drink for two people...
put two cups of cut up watermelon (de-seeded) into a blender
put in two big tablespoons of plain yogurt
1/2 cup of coconut milk
1 tablespoon of raw honey

blend together...

and enjoy!

and what about Meshach?
he now has a new home with a medical student...
who fell in love with him and has also trained dogs for blind people
I couldn't be happier

May your day or night be blessed in the grace of the Lord.


  1. The watermelons look wonderful. Glad Meshach found a home, too. Cute little guy.

  2. I imagine any watermelon I would get in Tesco or Asda would not taste quite like yours......could you share how you roast your corn? That would be interesting. Thanks.

    1. Will try to remember to do that, Joyce. We just roast it naked over the fire-heh,heh.