Monday, November 16, 2015

It's Been That Busy (and rainy)

Snowflake had twins

a Jack and Jill set

as usual, the kids are too cute

and everything went all right...
we're so glad

Darla dear, (on the left) decided it was time she thought about kids

and she had a little talk about it with Phillip, the ram

of course, Phillip was only too obliging...
and in the next five months...
Darla should show just how many kids she will give us

the mama hens have all been busy giving lessons about the bugs, dirt baths...
and sunbathing

and have now weaned their puffballs into pullets and cockerels

we have harvested a nice little bit of butternut squash

our sorrel is now ready to start harvesting

the okra has done quite nicely

and we are using both to feed ourselves

we still have the sweet corn coming along

our red cabbage is showing promises of more food in the kitchen

the eggplant has been flowering wonderfully

and I planted wingbeans in the corner of my herb garden

but the real news is...

while the creek is low now...
it was much too high to cross during the week long rains we had

and as scary as it was...
I had to cross that narrow beam on the half finished bridge

the beam at 12 inches wide and 20 feet high isn't so secure looking...
when the risen creek below has turned into a raging river below

with nothing to hold onto and nothing to grab should one slip...
it was a little intimidating...
but I got a helping hand from one of the bridge workers who guided me...
and got me across safely

by the time I took these photos...
the creek had gone down and calmed down considerably

after so much rain and water...
it was nice to see blue skies again

May your day or night find sunshine in the grace of the Lord.


  1. Everything is looking beautiful - those goats are adorable. I miss ours now and again.

    That bridge will be great to have finished.

    1. You know, the font on my comments here comes out a lot more flowery than I actually am. Hehheh.

  2. lovely so nice to visit your place again.