Friday, March 18, 2011


Welcome back to pilgrim's cottage and farm!
Please do enter and visit a bit...
see what we are doing today.
This morning, we harvested sweet potatoes, cassava, bananas...
cauliflower, broccoli
lettuce and cabbage...
and a soursop aka guanabana...
which we opened up...
a sweet fruit that makes a great smoothie
We also harvested a few cacao pods...
cracked them open and set them to "sweat"...
after which, they will be laid out in the sun to dry.
Did you know the white pulp covering the cacao is edible?
It is very sweet and juicy.
We are also preparing more wax cones for our bees...
they are making honey very fast and will need more cones today.
In the bottom left of the cone photo, you can see that the tiny maribone wasp is looking over the wax cone.
This morning, I also picked basil and lemongrass for making ice tea
I simply rinse them well, wring them to get the juices started...
put them in with organic tea leaves in a heat-proof pitcher...
pour hot (not boiling) water over them...
and let them steep for a few hours to bring out the flavors and medicinal properties from the herbs.
I strain the tea and put in honey to taste.

Proverbs 12:11 says:
"He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread..."

This is actually speaking on spiritual things, but often the Lord uses earthly pictures to give us information on His salvation. We can know that by what it says in the next sentence of that verse...

"...but he that followeth vain persons is void of understanding."

In the last verse of chapter 12, we read:

"In the way of righteousness is life;
and in the pathway thereof there is no death."

It is in the righteousness of Lord Jesus Christ that we put our till in for salvation. 
There we will have bread of life eternal and can avoid the pitfalls 
of the wicked who know not God and die in their sins.

May it be the Lord guides you today in His truth. 


  1. What a sumptuous harvest! It's all so lovely! I'm so thankful your bees are thriving, and over producing, what a great blessing! We have friends whose family owns a huge bee/beehive operation. Last year they suffered great loss in their # of hives. Several bees died off through the winter. I hope this year is better for them, they supply us w/ raw honey when they can. It's sooo good! Thank you for the sharing of scripture from Proverbs, good food for thought today as I work in our home. (I thought of your last post this morning as I was reading through Psalm 119)

    May you have a very blessed weekend!

  2. Love your little fence! The pictures are a visual treat, as always. That tea, well I can almost smell it from here, bet it tastes good too and the benefits of it are a blessing.

    I'd love to learn and maybe get some bees, but right now I have enough on my plate, so to speak. We use tons of honey, molasses( from cane sugar) and maple syrup and NO processed sugars, not even cane sugar.

    Blessings for your weekend,

  3. May we all be guided in the Lords truth Amen to that sister!! :) Your Harvest looks fabulous Wow what a blessing from your garden. Enjoy all that wonderful food. The pictures of it all are lovely ~ Have a Great weekend Love Heather

  4. Oh your harvest looks wonderful. I am so looking forward to getting my garden in the ground. Our winter has been so long. It won't be long now.

    Thanks for sharing. I so enjoyed my visit.

  5. oh my awesome your garden looks...and your picking of the day are SO incredible...we aren't doing anything outdoors yet except enjoying 53* :)

    here's to spring!
    Anne Marie

  6. Your photographs are beautiful! An awesome bounty...

    Thanks be to God!