Friday, April 1, 2011

What Garlic Can Do

Garlic is a medicine

this wonderful herb is given to us from our God...
a powerful medicine, as well as a food

packed full of anti-bacterial, anti-virus, anti-oxidants...
anti-candida, cancer cell killers...
and is probably one of God's most potent antibiotics...
which no bad bug is able to become immune to

I take raw garlic for myself on a regular basis...
and put minced garlic in my dog's food for a healthy regimen...
to keep away mange, infections (especially ear) and build their immune system

sometimes, I give it to them in a small roll of minced raw meat
sometimes, I mix it in with their home cooked meal just before serving

3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday
I use one clove of garlic for my 85 pound dog...
and 1/2 clove for my 32 pound dog

I always crush or mince the raw garlic to release the allicin...
which is the property that works as a medicine...
and always give it with food to keep the garlic from "burning" the stomach

this is Shadow in the photo below
as you can see, he was quite skinny when he came to us as a stray...
before we moved to the farm

he developed a bad case of mange and ear infections...
and because he was so wild and fearful...
we were not able to take him to a vet

so, I started to give him 2 cloves of crushed garlic with each meal...
twice a day

after one week, he began to look better...
and his ear infections were no longer flaming red and swollen

he looked old and sick and no doubt feeling miserable

I kept up the garlic regimen...
and he kept getting better

after about two months, this is what he looked like in the photo below

today, this is what Shadow looks like now in the next photo...
here on the farm

he looks great and the mange and ear infections have never come back

who could have thought he was this handsome! 
what lady dog wouldn't go for them thar eyes!

I thank the Lord God for creating garlic...
and giving me the insight into it's valuable benefits

May you enjoy the blessings of God this day or night.


  1. Thank you so much for posting about this. Our dog has skin and ear problems, I will start both dogs on this today.

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes to see his health restored by what you did for him. He's a beautiful dog, someone else might have given up on him, but not you. I'm sure he is extremely thankful and repays you in loyalty.

    What a blessing to learn of the health benefits of garlic, there is so much I need to learn. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  3. What a complete turn around in your dog! How sweet. Hubby and I were just talking about how different your farm in a warm climate would be to our farm here, and how they are predicting snow possibly tonight:))

  4. Oh my. I am convinced . Our Cocker Spaniel has had chronic ear problems for a long time~ I am going to try this!
    Now for the ginger, garlic and cayenne pepper fro me~ how do you take it and how much.

    The gluten free is something I need to try too. How in the world did you give up yeast in cooking? That will be so hard for me

  5. Wow that is such an awesome story. I love love love garlic...but I have never thought to try it with my animals. My poodle often gets ear infections I am going to start giving her some garlic ~Thank you for sharing Love Heather

  6. Bless his heart. You can see how badly he must have felt. So nice to see the "after" picture!

  7. Indeed, your before and after photos say it all. Amazing what the garlic regimen accomplished! Thanks for this enlightening post. Garlic has been a staple in my families diet for generations. It is simply good for the body.

  8. wow...this is great to know! That last photo is a testiment of garlic's healing properties. God bless you for caring...

    Julia (in New Zealand)