Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Recipe for High Blood Pressure...

Ever since sin entered the world...
people have dealt with stress of all kinds

one of our modern day stresses is the politics of food...
how it is grown, processed and fed to people

it is a huge business and profit driven...
and we are suffering the consequences of food perversion from the natural
what ever happened to the backyard garden?

bad food and stress can cause high blood pressure
if your blood pressure is at urgent high...
you may need meds until it comes under control

however, it is is over the normal range but not high enough to run for conventional drugs...
using natural herbs is a good way to bring it back to normal along with eating good food...
and keeping stress down
keeping white sugar, white flour and other highly processed foods will help
HBP is often a result of gluten intolerance or celiac disease...
which you can find out more about at:

this disease causes a great deal of inflammation in the body...
causing it undue strain and stress

if you have the will power to change your diet...
then, it makes sense to use foods to bring down high blood pressure

ginger properties are:
reduces pain/inflammation, anti-coagulant, digestive help, anti-nausea
as a warming herb, it knocks out fevers

lemongrass properties are:
anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, detoxifies, pain killer, digestive help

the combination of ginger and lemongrass makes a powerful medicine
if you are on pharmaceutical drugs...
always check with your doctor to make sure the herbal foods don't interact with the drugs

the recipe below is for fresh ginger root and lemongrass
chunk of ginger about fist size
10 - 15 leaves of lemongrass

crush and twist the lemongrass well to get the medicinal juices flowing
fine grate the ginger
bring water to very hot but, but not boiling
pour the water over the herbs in a heat-proof glass container
don't use metal as it gives herbal teas an off taste
cover and let the tea steep for a few hours
strain and refrigerate or use right away
I drink about 3 cups of herb tea a day and it keeps colds, flues, and such away
you can drink it heated or iced
if you like tea sweetened as I do...
I use raw honey for it's medicinal properties as well

as a tea lover...
on very warm days, I put 6 teaspoons of black, green or white tea in the pitcher...
to steep along with the herbs
and for an extra boost in taste, use stevia leaves from my garden to sweeten

please do, have a glass, or cup of ginger/lemongrass with me

May your day or night find healing in the herb of God's wonderful grace.


  1. Thank you for this recipe. My husband has BP that goes up and down and I think it is from stress at work. Our Naturopath had wanted him to go off of his Rx but it was back up again. It is worth a try as he loves his iced tea everyday and he loves ginger.
    I am in the process of doing research on what I need to have my own herbal pharmacy and need recipes. Years ago (in the '70s) a friend had a book and I think it was The Recipe Book, not of food but of formula's for herbal remedies do you know of anything like this, I can't seem to locate the book (it would be helpful if I knew the name for sure hahaha).
    I would love it if you have any info on my quest or any suggestions on how to get going on this. Thanks in advance.

    email - littlehouseinparadise@gmail.com

  2. I am listening~ I am going to give this a try.
    Thank you for posting it with me in mind!
    You have a wonderful day!

  3. I am interested in natural/herbal remedies. I like this one, as my husband has some trouble with high bp. I look forward to you posting other info/recipes.

  4. Oh wow that looks fabulous I will brew some of this for sure Thanks for sharing....I love ginger ~Love Heather

  5. Your son (yes, surprising)April 13, 2011 at 12:08 AM

    I've associated lemongrass with Asian soups rather than teas...will definitely have to try this.