Friday, June 3, 2011

A Blessed Moment...

It's hard work chasing down a butterfly for a photo session...
while I was out in the bush to pick orkras.
I happen to look down and see this lovely creature.
(click photo for larger view)

I said, "oh, please...
don't fly away...
let's do get together and have a photo party"
I did the chasing and the butterfly did the teasing...
flitting and landing on a leaf and just as I would get up close...
it flitted away, again.

I'm sure I circled the bush more times than I have fingers...
the butterfly dancing and twisting along through the air...
before landing just long enough for my camera to take a half decent shot.
Only half decent.
Through my dance in the bush in my chase for the elusive creature...
my eyes were distracted by the not-so-elusive beauty of the okra flowers.

I had to take a few photos of those...
just to capture the soft petals as they unfurled.

I'll take any kind of flowers...
only, my camera does them no justice.

I did happen to catch one of our honeybees in it's hunt for nectar...
do you see it below?

Of course...
I like wildflowers, too...
and this one below was no exception and certainly not safe around my camera.

a better close-up of my elusive friend.

Isn't the Lord wonderful?!

May your day, or evening be blessed of the Lord.


  1. Ah..such such a small creature! What an amazing God we serve...not neglecting the details of a butterfly's wings...or okra's flowers! You've captured such lovely evidence of an ENORMOUS Creator! (Perhaps I should've used a better word than "enormous"...but that's the one that struck me as I typed....obviously there isn't a word to do Him justice!)Thanks for the lovely pictures!

  2. The butterflies are so pretty and you are already harvesting okra? Wow!..Christine

  3. Oh...beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing the wonder of your lovely place with me today :)



  4. wow...amazing! Thanks for blessing my day with your enthusiasm and gorgeous photos!

  5. Wonderful chasing and snapping!! You got 'em...

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. Your patience paid off! What a gorgeous butterfly. Such striking colors.


  7. I'm new to your blog and I'm enjoying the beautiful pictures and the praise that goes with them. Thank you for posting them. They're an additional devotional time for me.


  8. Beautiful pictures! Do you know what kind of butterfly that is? I looked on some sites and couldn't find one like it. Ah, God's beautiful creatures!


  9. Robbyn, I would love to know myself which butterfly this it. I believe it may be in the Fritillary species but, that's all I could find out. Thanks for your comment, though and visiting me!

  10. Your butterfly friend seems to be an Anartia amathea. I think that's a female one that you snapped, too, because if I remember correctly, the males are brighter.

    Here's a picture taken for comparison...those bars of red and grey-violet at the top of the wings near the body is very distinctive!

  11. Katie, I looked up your suggestion and I do believe you are right! Thank you so much for the info. Very much appreciated!! And, thanks! for visiting.