Monday, October 17, 2011

The Beauty of an Egg...

What color should a real egg be?

about as orange as a really organic, range-free egg can get

(I love my egg fried in butter!)

that is one orange egg!

in spite of the camera...
(and the photographer)
it actually caught the true color of these eggs

compare a range-free, organic egg with the store bought that come from those awful
inhumane chicken prisons they call farms...
and you get the picture

I'm talking here of true range-free
I am not talking of backyard chickens...
this is about the big commercial chicken factories

it's awful hard for me to call these "farms"
where are the cruelty laws on this??

these free-range eggs...
are chock full of nutrients...
and what researchers have finally figured out something egg eaters already knew...
eggs don't cause high cholesterol!

why should they?
this is a good, nutritious food given to us by God

as for egg allergies...
I wonder if the chicken egg prison factories are responsible for this by the very way they treat the chickens, "feed" them, and confine them in such a way as to cause the enormous stress and diseases among them

those constant stress hormones, the awful feed, and the filthy conditions these poor birds live in... 
can truly affect the health of the eggs we eat from the "conventional" chicken farming practices

and, I'm not afraid to say so

so, if you can...
find a local farmer who sells his range-free eggs...
see the difference in taste and quality of his eggs

you won't want to go back to the chicken prison eggs

and go ahead...
have two or three

May your day, or night go well.


  1. I totally agree with you on this and have a local supplier!

  2. the eggs here are really different very orange we were wondering if they were some sort of free range as well or maybe they don't use the antibiotics hmmm I am just not sure. I couldn't tell if they should be that way or if there was something wrong with them lol!! Enjoy your eggs I have some egg lovers in my home as well ~Love Heather

  3. These are the kind of eggs we have been blessed to have every day :)

    A local farmer sells me her eggs every Sunday - they are truly delicious.


  4. We only eat free range eggs. Since I'm a vegetarian, I abhor the way animals of all kinds are treated, almost always in an inhumane way, in order to provide food. Food that most of us don't need in order to survive.

    That's my two cents worth!