Monday, October 3, 2011

Eggs-citing News...

Just look what's in my palm...

I realize to most people it's just an egg
but, it's Pilgrim's Farm's very first, farm fresh egg!

in a beautiful creamy mocha color!

I went out to the chicken coop to put food in their feed tray...
gave the egg boxes hardly a glance...
then, as I started to walk back out...
something made me stop...
craned my neck back towards the boxes...


well! thwack my boots!!...
if one of my hens didn't go and lay an egg!

there it was, sitting pretty as a picture, straight up...
in the sand in the middle of the box
good thing I took a second look

come to think of it...
one of the hens made that tell-tale "eggs"citing cackling...
from on top of the hen box
if you have egg laying hens, you'll know what I'm saying

I didn't take it seriously...
but, she was trying to say something and now I know

Ah yes...
just another incredible, edible food from the Lord

(if you look to the bottom right of the egg, my husband is weeding near the coop)

May you have a nice eggs-citing day.


  1. Well, how eggsiting for you this morning!!! My mother never believed the reports about eggs being bad for us. She trusted God's provision and not the wisdom of man. She's 74 and still takes care of her own yard and garden, home and my Papa. Yeah, the incredible, edible egg.

    Very happy for you! I can just hear that chicken. :o)

  2. How eggciting for you! We have chickens and I've often wanted to capture some and coop them up and try see if we can get some eggs.

  3. Yippee! Yippee! Yippee! I still get excited to see eggs from our hens that finally started laying a couple of months ago:))

  4. It's the most beautiful egg I've ever seen! Really! ;)

    Isn't provision just the most miraculous thing? I do know the eggs-citing cackle of which you speak and every time we hear it we look at one another and grin... it never stops delighting!!

    Congratulations, Debbie

  5. Congratulations! It is thrilling to get that first egg. Sometimes our hens get so noisy when laying that our dog thinks that something is getting them!

  6. We just got our first eggs this week, too. You've inspired me to post about it. It's so exciting, isnt' it?
    My hens are such pets, it's just icing on the cake to get eggs as well.
    David/ :-)

  7. I know egg-xactly how egg-citing it is to find your first egg!!
    We got ours just a couple of weeks ago from our new hens.
    When they lay, they sure do like to let you know about it, lol!
    It's a blessing to have fresh eggs :-)

  8. is beautiful! How fun. I used to gather eggs for my Dad when I was little. Loved that experience. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I think all the eggs we get are just beautiful! I love putting them in a bowl and seeing all the different shapes, sizes and colors! Congrats!