Thursday, December 15, 2011

Goat Keeping...

Keeping goats has it's benefits...
but, it's also work

my husband takes care of the husbandry side of the farm : )

he makes sure to visit them every day

he'll even dance a jig for them...
well, not really...
he was just high stepping the grass

our milker, Farina, is in the process of growing a kid, maybe two...
we should see the results in about two months more

heading back to the farm after the goat visiting

I went with him on this visit and stopped to admire and snap shots
of my neighbor's roses

I love the rosebud best

May your day, or night be graced in the Lord.


  1. What a truly blessed life you have!


  2. I think that one goat is posing for the camera!

  3. I think I saw this guy and his goat in a boat.....