Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Gift in the Grass...

Do you see it?
Farina, our milk goat is looking towards the spot

they are not rabbits...
no, they are...

Farina's sweet pink and white tiny surprises...

ah yes...
there they are!
While I miscalculated her timing (I'm good at that)...
Farina had it right

She gave us twin GIRLS!
that is the icing she put on their birth day cake...
more milking goats

do you think they are cute enough?
we sure do
we missed out on the whole thing

by the time we discovered the twins...
they were dry and tottering on their cute, tiny hooves

yeah, Farina, what a sweet surprise
you did good

May the Lord grace your day, or night


  1. Those are the sweetest faces, I think you could make cards out of these shots!! Great job Farina!

  2. They are so cute! Congratulations! And twin girls besides . . . yay! Have you named them yet?

  3. Oh my...what a blessing! And the whiteness of their fur - it is just beautiful!


  4. Oh I just love them! Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  5. How sweet! I could kiss that pink nose and there is nothing like baby's breath! Enjoy! Christmas blessings to you and all your creatures great and small.

  6. i wanna kiss their foreheads. i wish a goat would fit in my nyc apartment.