Thursday, January 19, 2012


the old into something new

I have not been satisfied with my kitchen garden

there isn't as much room as I'd like for both vegetables and herbs, so...

while it still has a few things in it...
my husband and farm hand are going ahead at getting the revamping done

I will harvest the last of the few crops left while...
the guys are taking everything out

our big garden facing the front of the cottage will be the potager garden so that...
I can turn my present potager into a "medicine" cabinet...
or, herb garden

the new herb garden will be re-designed and have a "roof" over it...
to give gentler sunshine and rains

May your day, or night be filled with God's grace.


  1. Sounds like you will be busy for awhile with this project. You have so much land and space! It's hard for someone who lives in Suburbia Land with a miniscule backyard to envision such grand spaces! :)

  2. Your place just looks warm and heavenly to me.

  3. There is always something to do on a farm, isn't there. We used to have 5 acres and although it wasn't a real farm we had large gardens for growing food and chickens for eggs. Even that small amount of land kept us busy growing and putting up food. So, I understand how hard the work is and how rewarding it is. Look forward to seeing your revamped garden.--------- Shannon

  4. I'm always busy "rearranging" my garden LOL! I look forward to seeing pics of the changes you make :0)

    Julia (New Zealand)

  5. Stubbmled accross your blog and decided to have a very quick study, not what I usually do, but you have a great blog. Wonderful to see a site that isnt full of spam, and actually makes some sense. Awesome blog

  6. Sounds like a lot of worthwhile work.

  7. The kids and I always enjoy "visiting" your blog and seeing a whole different, beautiful world! I think I could be content on a little island like yours:)) Can I bring my goats??!