Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last Day for Giveaway...

The labels came in...

since this honey is going on a long trip...
I sewed up a little bag to soften the bumps along the way

nothing to crow about...
but, just a wee extra to go as part of the giveaway

if you look at the jar carefully...
you will notice that we do not over strain our honey
we like to keep the goods intact for their nutritional value

if you are new to the blog...
feel free to look over the posts for this week on the giveaway...
for Pilgrim's Farm raw honey
if your country accepts imported raw honey and you are one of many honey lovers...
slip in a comment with a name...
for a chance to win this 8 ounce jar

the winner will be announced Monday, Feb. 20.

Have a great day, or night.


  1. Hello Jeanette or do you prefer Jean,
    I have just spent a very pleasant few hours coming back and forth to my computer reading your absolutely charming blog. I have enjoyed my time visiting and I'm sure I will dream of your beautiful island home this evening as I sleep. I live on the south eastern coast of Australia about 4 miles from the Pacific Ocean.We have 2.5 acres here and like you grow most of our vegetables and we have 6 hens who provide us with plenty of eggs. Thank you for bringing our Saviour to the forefront of your writings, that makes it so special. I look forward to coming back every couple of days to see what is happening at Pilgrims Cottage.
    Blessings Gail

  2. The labels look great and make the honey look even more beautiful. The fabric bag was a good idea to help protect the jar but it is pretty as well. Have a great weekend!-------

  3. It looks lovely and nice to see that you don't over strain the honey.

  4. Oh my, how beautiful! You are so precious! Look at that adorable label. Love so pretty. I bet you could sell your honey here at a Farmer's Market easy.

    Today I took a video of my ducks and planted my lettuce in what I call the Potter's Shed. It used to be for the baby calves when my father in love had a dairy here along time ago. There is a trough that my sweet man and I filled with dirt. I put my garlic there in the fall and now just planted my spinach, butter crunch and red lettuce. It is still cold outside, but I made a self made cold frame using a clear plastic box over the top. I haven't tried that before, but will see how it goes!

    Well enjoy your SONday......trusting He opens His Word to your heart!

    Can't wait to see who wins......they will be blessed!
    Blessings, Linda

  5. Hello again Jeanette,
    I loved the pretty white nightie that you sewed yourself and I'm wondering if you could tell me the pattern you used. I have been looking for something like that to make some nighties as well as a couple of cool summer dresses.
    I was also wondering if you get snakes around your home. I noticed you wear gum boots (wellies) and there seems to be a lot of greenery even vines growing up in the trees. Is this a problem for you. We have had a couple of snakes near our house over the last couple of years but so far, this year we have not seen any. Red bellied black snakes are sometimes found near here. I'm not a lover of snakes and I'm always wary when I collect the eggs as I know they love a free meal of hen eggs.
    Blessings Gail

  6. Gail, I didn't use a pattern for my nightie. I measured myself for the top part and cut a piece of fabric for the skirt part and gathered it to the bodice. The bottom ruffle was cut double the length of the skirt and gathered to the skirt. I have not used patterns in any on my posted sewing because I find it takes some altering of patterns to fit me right. We don't have poisonous snakes on Grenada, just a few harmless snakes that prefer to stay out of human path. I have yet to see a snake in my years here. In fact, Grenada does not have dangerous animals. We wear gum boots for the bush and mud during rainy season. In an upcoming post in the near future, I will talk a bit about this island.