Friday, February 17, 2012

Roses & Honey...

When I picked up my latest rose bush at the nursery...

I had no clue what color would burst from this bush

I now have my answer...
and isn't it just gorgeous?

so I'm a sucker for pink roses...
any shade of pink will do

and may it bloom more roses in the near future

if you haven't done so...
please do leave a comment on any of this week's posts to enter the drawing for...
Pilgrim's Farm raw honey
you only need to enter once

tomorrow  (Saturday, Feb. 18) will be the last day to enter
we will do the drawing this weekend...
and the winner announced on Monday, Feb. 20
you can enter from anywhere in the world...
as long as your country accepts gifted imported raw honey
please check with your postal or customs service to find out

and also tomorrow, I will post showing the actual jar in the drawing...
which is not the one in the above photo but...
it's just as nice and is re-usable as a preserve jar

May you have a beautiful day, or night by God's grace.


  1. That rose is sooo pretty, some of the shots remind me of a Peony. xo

  2. Roses are allllright, not necessarily my favorite. I like Jasmin because they smell best!

  3. That rose picture is so beautiful I think I can smell its sweet scent hehehe.....I love roses just love them Thanks for sharing :) Have a wonderful weekend Love Heather ~

  4. I too love roses. My mother in love who is now with the Lord always gave me a rose bush for my birthday. I have about 6 of them that we moved from our old farm to the family homestead. My sweet man enjoys bringing me rose buds! Better than bought flowers!

    Wish I could come and visit your farm.....long way away though! Smile!

    Can't wait to see who are so generous!


  5. The rose nodding its head is so lovely~thank you for sharing. Your blog is such a source of peace & serenity~what a blessing to all who read it! The honey looks so wonderful I can almost taste it. Lucky is the one who wins it! Blessings to you, Debi

  6. Jean, I have missed reading your blog the last few days! I love roses also...just ordered two more for our farm's garden! I do enjoy coming to visit you! Blessings from Kansas! Gail