Monday, February 6, 2012

Match Box...

Match boxes are cute

but, when they are empty of their fire starters...
I don't like to throw them out

they come in handy as small as they are

this photo below is a flower from my romaine lettuce

when they have bloomed...
closed back up and become tiny white seeds...

puffing their way out and getting ready to take wing to the breeze

I carefully snip them off  before the tiny seeds become airborne...
dry them for about a week...
stash them into those little empty match boxes...
and put the boxes in the fridge for safe keeping

on the back...
I write whatever seeds are in the box

it's the tiny details the Lord put into our lives that make it all so interesting

May your day, or night be lifted on wings of God's grace.


  1. A great way to reuse those boxes.

  2. That is very clever and quite handy..I do use those stick matches too. - I wonder if the romaine is a relative of the dandelion, the bud and flower look a lot alike. xo

  3. "Cute idea"!!!!!!! Helped a horse tonight that was dying. Saw God do a miracle.......precious of Him! So tired and have to go to work in the morning.....wish I could stay home. After we inherit the farm maybe we can!


  4. Such a great idea! I happened upon some seeds I had forgotten about, but the moths found them first. Good tip, to store them in frig! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!