Friday, April 13, 2012

Imperfect Beauty...

A few months ago...
I tried to grow zucchini

the plants grew...
zucchinis came out...
and then, long before maturity...
the small fruit yellowed and died

with determined, feminine brute force...
I am giving it another try

because, I want zucchini this year

and, I have planted a few Indian maize corn

it would be nice to have our own maize for grinding into corn meal

the little plants are okay, thus far

we had picked up an hibiscus plant a few weeks ago without flowers as yet

I've been waiting to see what color the blooms would be

as you can see...they turned out a beautiful yellow

two blooms we have so far...
with petals showing imperfect beauty

and when they finally folded their short life...
they still looked lovely to me 

I am happy to report...
my stevia plants are going strong

a leaf or two only, every few days while they still grow...
to put in my morning cafe con leche

it is a sweet life as the Lord so blesses

I don't take these things for granted...
for who knows?
perhaps, some day, the Lord will see fit to take as He has given

paradise here? gives no inkling of true paradise with the Lord in heaven
looking forward to that glory in His heavenly kingdom...
this earthly part will be forgotten...
He has promised His children better things, a perfect paradise...

...we, according to His promise,
look for a new heavens and a new earth,
wherein dwelleth righteousness.
2 Peter 3:13

and I long for it as a pilgrim traveling through this life of imperfect beauty

May you know the perfect beauty of God's grace this day, or night.


  1. I was thinking along the same line of thought today as I was thanking the Lord for allowing me to have such wonderful surrondings at the house. All the blooms the blue blue sky, the birds singing and the four dogs laying in the sun. And I started to thinking that I have'nt seen nothing yet as I was looking at a bright red tulip ready to open! Oh what He has prepared that eye has not seen!!
    Oh yes oh yes thank the Lord for His Grace!! ;-)
    Many Blessings and Hugs, Linnie

  2. I long for the truest of all beauty and graced perfection thanking the Lord that my true citizenship is in heaven.

    love the hibiscus!
    how neat about the stevia!
    and you look great out there wile you work on the zucchini!

    Blessings & love in HIM

  3. all of this is the balm of gilead on me today. thank you friend.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly. Thank you.